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  1. Deathloop for PS5 got 10/10 from both IGN and GameStop.
  2. PS Plus PS4 collection will keep you going for a while. God of War is shit though despite what others might say
  3. I use a pizza steel. It's great. Did have a stone first but it cracked after not too long.
  4. I've just started with Hades. Not got past the first boss yet but only had a couple of tries. Seems fun so far.
  5. Just realised I never posted my review of The Wire! In short: GOAT. Season rankings and spoiler thoughts of each: 4 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 5
  6. He has one: Charnley. "Give Rafa what be needs and let him run my football club. Don't ever talk to me again." Literally all he needed to do.
  7. Cf

    Formula 1

    Can't say I'm a fan of it. Beyond the first few laps nothing really happens. There's no strategy considerations. Tyres probably don't matter. And once positions have bedded in it's probably not worth it to make too much of a move to gain a place because of how much you might ruin your chances for the next day. It could do with being either shorter or longer. I don't think longer is really an option as it turns into the GP. Maybe half the current length?
  8. It's possible to be slick and polished whilst having the morals, convictions, etc. They aren't inherently bad traits.
  9. Similar feelings on Starmer. His background in many ways makes him the ideal candidate. And looking at his history he's always had socialist leanings. But the image he is projecting is Sir Keir The Centrist who doesn't really stand for anything. He clearly needs voice and presentation coaching. But politically I can't help but feel there's more to him and for whatever reason we're just not seeing it. I've been very much in the give him more time camp but it's starting to feel like it's just not working.
  10. The good thing is the tax story being buried doesn't matter all that much. They can try and hide it all they like but that won't stop people noticing that they are suddenly getting paid less.
  11. Cf

    PGA Tour 2K21

    I do Pro but lower the swing to Pro Am because despite gaming for 30 years I can't swing an analogue stick forwards and backwards properly. Pro is a nice jump for everything else though. You have to take terrain, elevation, etc, into account for yourself.
  12. You'd think this tax rise is gonna piss off a lot of people. Especially when the UC cut comes in. Things like the Williamson story the majority of the population won't get to hear about. Seeing their take home pay decreased on the other hand...
  13. Cf


    Yep. But sucks to be you if you have a non-covid issue and your hospital has no capacity left.
  14. Finally reached the first expansion of FFXIV. Just shy of 5 days playtime. Mr brother said "welcome to the start of FFXIV's story". Whilst the base game was serviceable it notably picked up towards the end of the pre expansion quests.
  15. Cf


    Part of the reason for the slowing of the vaccine uptake has to surely be the government's message of "this is all over" when they removed all restrictions in June. When even basic things such as face masks in a shop were removed you knew they'd just gone fuck it. As recently as yesterday in the commons it was full and every opposition MP wore a face mask. I believe Gove of all people was the only Tory to do so. They don't give a fuck but will blame us when a new lockdown happens.
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