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  1. Palhinha is excellent, that's a huge blow for them. I was skeptical of his signing at the time but he looks perfect for us.
  2. More so he is wasted there from what I've read. He could be doing a lot more if centrally.
  3. The Majority of Leicester fans are kicking off with Rodgers for playing him there.
  4. I think Maddison will be our main target which would push bruno back.
  5. TRC

    Callum Wilson

    High possession stats for a team of our quality are going to show losses or draws. All of these games the opposition were either incredibly lucky - Fulham, Sunderland, or hanging on to their result. Its very unlikely to get a 2 or more goal win and have 70% possession unless you are a top tier team as the intensity drops off. The Palace game we scored in the 95th minute. If anyone remember that fucking Fulham game - It was the most underserved 4-1 loss I've ever seen.
  6. I'd fancy us fully fit to turn Chelsea over tbh.
  7. Koulibaly has looked rough since joining Chelsea.
  8. They are playing a Romanian team at home, its not going to be a very challenging or fast paced game for them. Should have no bearing on the game
  9. TRC

    Dogawful Officiating

    Feels like every week the media mention an 'orange card' now. The latest saying VVD's tackle was an orange. I really hope we dont do this as it will complicate things more, it will just start conversations of 'was that an orange or a red' instead of a 'yellow or a red'
  10. Drag that price down. 25m in Jan
  11. See you in January.
  12. TRC

    Sven Botman

    So unlucky to not have at least one goal to his name so far.
  13. TRC

    Jacob Murphy

    How have I made it to this thread.
  14. TRC

    Jacob Murphy

    Hes scored 2 in 2 as far as I'm concerned doesn't even have our 2 best playmaker with him atm
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