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  1. Feel like we either need a win or a humiliating defeat. 1-0 loss is the worst possible result as Brucey will blame everyone but himself.
  2. TRC

    Steve Bruce

    What a way to spin having a yes man.
  3. TRC


    Just checked 538, we are expected to lose every game apart from against Sheff United - 43% favourites! 17% chance against Brighton apparently!
  4. TRC

    Steve Bruce

    Is Bruce more hated than Pardew at this point?
  5. TRC

    Steve Bruce

    Tbf, you aren't going to throw your mate under the bus.
  6. TRC

    Steve McClaren

    He was on my flight from London to Newcastle once, last one on the plane, held up everyone and then couldn't find his seat. He had a laugh with everyone about the whole thing mind.
  7. Who is this guy, I havent followed the takeover for months.
  8. Honestly fucking hate this bloke. I know he has restrictions to work with, I know Ashley is the 'main problem' but he spouts utter bullshit and Ashley has given him a team that should be pushing for 10th and at least outplaying shit teams like West Brom and Brighton.
  9. Whilst the article is correct in a sense, Ashley's the problem, not Bruce. Who would be happy with slightly better football, but still no intention to compete or improve? This club is so fucked. Ashley is the is the main problem at the club, but we have the players now to at least give it a go. Overall I think our squad is fairly solid and should be pushing for 10th. Saying Ashley is the problem is just giving Bruce a free pass.
  10. This tackle ruined us, we were never the same after this and its what got Robson sacked. Not even exaggerating.
  11. Just wait till the 19th of December where they will look like Bayern.
  12. Villa look a lot better than us now. Going back, would you have wanted Villa to go down and we don't get Fraser and Wilson?
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