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  1. Slugsy


    When the fight was announced I thought Froch would walk it but am starting to think this might just be Groves to win. I know how good Froch is and has been, but just a feeling that timing could be on Groves side. He has improved significantly over last year or so and he is on the up. While Froch is rightly odds on, I think a cheeky few quid on Groves might be in order.
  2. There are plenty of things I could say about last night but the most glaring is our lack of protection at the back by our midfield, CB's in particular getting very exposed, not quite sure what the f*ck Tiote is doing at the moment!
  3. Seen it again now, disgusting challenge, red deserved.
  4. He got a roasting today, red card topped a poor performance.
  5. Slugsy

    Alan Pardew

    Pardew has surprised me and I can't knock the guys re results last season but there is more chance of me winning the lottery than us finishing 4th.
  6. Slugsy


    I'm a little bit gutted as have been waiting for this phone but the memory of 16gb is a killer for me, I've had a 4s with 16gb and its been g*sh, have to limit what I have on it.
  7. Brilliant and deserves the plaudits from Pardew though I'm now very worried after the public lauding that we are effectively requesting offers on January. I can see a ridiculous bid from the likes of Chelsea coming up....
  8. Slugsy

    Alan Pardew

    My issue with spending so little was that it was highly unlikely that the team we had would play so well as last season, they played out of their skin and had the element of surprise. Shock horror, we are being found out, players are not quite at the races and injuries and games are already affecting us. I just hope some of the players get their fingers out their arses and make sure this doesn't become a shambles and no matter what some of the deluded think on here, we simply did not bolster the squad enough with the players we needed.
  9. 10th at best, we are asking every individual to play at their max again for another season (not sure likes of Ba can play any better than they did), hoping other clubs we beat haven't improved/sussed us out and we have no major injury issues......hmmm.
  10. How anyone can say they are happy with our summer is beyond me.
  11. Slugsy

    Deadline Day Thread

    I wish we could get Sturridge, I'd have him here in a flash.
  12. I'm very cynical about the situation. Ashley isn't running the club astutely or with a long term plan, he's running it as cheaply as he can, extracting as much money as he can without wrecking it and hoping that Pardew and his team (including scouts) can keep pulling off miracles like they did last season. I don't think we have the cash to spend, not because we are being prudent (though having no cash does force this as a result) but because Ashley is only looking at how he can recover his debt. Now you could argue that putting a good playing team together helps that cause but in my eyes that is just a bonus for Ashley. I don't expect much activity, I did think Pardew might be given c£10m to spend so we may see one furthet player in but that will be it. Not massively impressive given the money we got for 5th place, Sky cash and season ticket money. Hope that is enough to get us through another season in a reasonable place but I think 5th place would be overachieving again with the squad we have currently. All in all, frustrated but not unexpected.
  13. We need an injection into this team of new blood but I don't think we will get it.
  14. I think we are being more sensible and it's good but I worry about the defence primarily. I think another striking option would be good and I actually think we are still short I'm midfield of real pace; and outside of Ben Arfa are lacking on that front. Still time to go but I'm dissapointed so far. While we don't have crazy money, we should have some to spend and last season, while awesome, will be tricky to repeat again without improving both the first team and the squad.
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