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  1. Won La Liga midfielder of the year in his first season. Fantastic talent. Just a pure luxury player. I loved that midfield 3 of Kroos-Modric-James. Played some blinding stuff but it needed stiffing up to win trophies.
  2. Would people consider someone like Jadon Sancho in the summer? I don't like his style of play but wanted others opinions.
  3. Hazard was a great player - his lack of longevity and not contributing to a CL win will damage his long-term reputation. People will look at his numbers and think he wasn't all that. But he was genuinely the best PL player or top 3 for about 5 years. He was brilliant at WC18 (better than KDB) too. Explosive and powerful players have to be managed closely. Mbappe has that explosion and it's key to his game. While Haaland is explosive, I think his best running is over longer distances which might help long-term. Currently, maybe it's WC bias but I think Mbappe is better.
  4. I was a defender of Viana when he was here. But in retrospect. He was shit. Bright start mind.
  5. If we are still in top 4 by Jan 21st, it's a golden opportunity. It would only be moving a transfer or two from the summer to January. DM and a wide attaker.
  6. Real Madrid are serious about not missing out on the next Neymar again. Seems they are doing this over Bellingham.
  7. Classic Spain lose this on penalties.
  8. He's a good player. Sometimes great, sometimes shit. That's the Morata vortex.
  9. What is disrespectful about dancing?
  10. Preparing for the Championship? If they are offering money. Take it. Even if they aren't offering money. Take it.
  11. I'm not comparing him to Mbappe at all or comparing. He's just inevitable and a massive weapon. I'm talking about him, Bellingham and Foden being excellent. Saka doesn't get headlines either but he's so effective. He beats his man, gets his shot or cross off so often.
  12. Saka is also inevitable. If he wants to cut in and shoot. there's nothing 90% of defenders can do about it.
  13. The 3 at the back thing is interesting. Like... I've thought being in a 3 has prolonged Thiago Silva's top level career. Before this season, I would say he would struggle a lot in a back 4. But this season, he's looked fine in a back 4. Schar doesn't have tremendous pace but he is much better defending further up the pitch. Winning headers isn't a strength either, so playing in a low-block and dealing with header after header isn't playing to his strengths. He's better at proactive defending up the pitch.
  14. Mbappe is grabbing this world cup by the bollocks so far.
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