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  1. Can’t stop conceding. Dont have a manager renowned for organising a defence. 3/4 good signings and we have a chance. But it’s 3 or 4 that’s needed, not 1 or 2.
  2. How do people rate Smith vs Howe? Villa were saved by the most extraordinary technology failure we've seen in the PL in some time. Had goal line technology worked, Villa would've went down and Bournemouth stayed up. I think considering the investment of both teams, neither team should have been in that situation but moreso Bournemouth shouldn't have been in that situation. Also Bournemouth consistently looked vulnerable at the back in the 5 years they were in the PL. I don't watch enough of Villa to know how a Dean Smith side plays. They were pretty much as
  3. Manchester United have become more of a Conte club in this last window with the signings of Sancho, Varane and Ronaldo. Manchester United need to look to the Chelsea model of success.
  4. It’s not so linear. Some clubs suit some managers better than others. Eg Poch would be a great Everton manager. Better than Ancelotti was. But I’m certain Ancelotti would do a better job at PSG than Poch is doing. I think Klopp and Liverpool is a perfect fit. Dyche at Burnley also perfect. upper mid table I have Vieira and Palace. Right club manager and time. Rodgers too. lower mid table I have Benitez. Benitez as we’ve seen is a bad performance away from boos despite being a good fit otherwise. That’s a cloud over his reign and I can’t see it chang
  5. Fully agree and that's my biggest issue. It's clear they had no decent plans from the start. They should have identified key footballing people before they bought the club to bring in for day 1. Or at least temporary football people.. even if it was bringing in Harry Redknapp as DOF, Terry as Lampard as manager and his dog as chief negotiator. It's a plan with good intentions and some level of joined up thinking. As it is.. I understand why Charnley is doing it though.
  6. Long-term we'll spend enough money to be a fun side again trying to win things - great. But this poor outing could delay everything 18 months with a relegation.
  7. Yep. The takeover was a shitshow, took 18 months to complete. Delaying sacking Bruce was a shitshow. Appointing the new manager & DOF has been a shitshow. This doesn't bode well for transfers or anything else. The fact Charnley is still around is telling. He's the only one with experience in the football world in the club's hierarchy. Best thing they can do, is to bring in 2-3 key people from another club like City did Barcelona. Overmars, whoever handled the business side of transfers and whoever handled youth development at Ajax for example. Seeming
  8. There was a lot of talk early doors about the Saudi's not being as savvy in business as the Emirati's and it's showing. It's been a shit show.
  9. Big chance here for West Ham. they’re the best team left in it that will play their strongest team. They’re better than Spurs. Leicester, Pool and Chelsea will play rotated teams. Pool and Chelsea will do so all the way.
  10. They don’t want Rafa to succeed and he won’t succeed largely because of that. they’ll continue to be poor at Goodison because the crowd will be quick to turn.
  11. Rodgers did what Howe did at Swansea -got them up and kept them up. Overall, he did a good job at Liverpool - they let him go primarily because Klopp was available and willing. Had they given him another year and smarter recruitment - he would've done a very good job. Overall - good job at a massive club imo. Celtic he was a massive success. At the very least he showed he was a very good coach and a step above the dross. The domination domestically, the goals, the style and competitive in Europe. The Celtic job proved he was a serious manager. Howe is all th
  12. We've got some Oil money and lost our sense of humour
  13. We should go for ‘the best of the rest’ type PL players. Zaha, Raphinha, Bissouma, JWP etc. Players with something to prove. and young players from the continent with masses of potential. I wouldn’t mind youngish players from top clubs that haven’t worked out. Timo Werner types.
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