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  1. Can get people far in all walks of life.
  2. I remember Dyer, Jenas, Parker, Emre, Tiote, Milner getting loads of stick on here. Million miles above the shit we've endured since. That Arsenal lad is a breath of fresh air. He's no better than Jenas was for us but seeing a midfielder that can run, with a first touch and some ability is a rare combination for us these days. Hayden's a bit of a clogger too but he's as good as we've had since Cabaye. We used to criticise Cabaye's athleticism, Shelvey makes him look like Patrick Vieira.
  3. Colback and Anita played way too many games. Mike Williamson. Smith. Gouff. Paully D. Shlevey. It's only really Shola I can think of, who played too many times when we were good/decent but he was a back-up and did some useful things on ocassion. I remember one season he scored 9 premier league goals mostly as a backup/sub. Think he's a top 5 European goalscorer for us and obvious Mackem slayer. Dummett, Shelvey, and co. proper first-choice players for us for far too long.
  4. Nah Fulham are just bad. We'll get no more than 36 points. 34-36 imo. It looks like Fulham will get less.
  5. He's 30. Bad injury record. It's a pandemic. This secures him a high-end Champo or low-end PL contract until he's 34.
  6. Yep these are things that make you go ‘oh that’s a player’. He needs to move to a better club obviously. But I’d like to see what he could do at CM in a decent setup. Perhaps a bit lightweight. But I think he could have a very good career at CM. A bit of the Gini Wijnaldum in terms of athleticism, technique and ability in tight spaces. Without the invisibility cloak.
  7. I did like what Lampard did with Mount, James & Tammy by giving them a proper chance at a big club. He's having to learn on the job in a rebuild which is a massive challenge and his lack of experience is showing. I sometimes think - Zidane wasn't qualified for the RM job either but in a way, I respect that there was no secret he would be given an opportunity at the job. Iirc he got to wear a suit as Carlo's #2, managed Real B. He also took over a team regularly running deep in the CL coming into their prime years when Lampard is doing a rebuild. Also - you can tell Zidane spent a
  8. He usually comes in and spends big in January to keep a team up. They’ll go down unless he gets money to spend.
  9. Could John Terry play for these City & Liverpool teams? Terry was a brilliant defender and leader. But he could not play in a very high line. Vidic & Terry needed a Ferdinand and Carvalho Think Campbell and Ferdinand were better and could play in different styles of teams. VVD is absolutely the best of the lot. As dominant in the air as anyone. As big a goal threat as anyone. Quick as anyone. As good a passer as anyone. Reads it as good as anyone.
  10. Aye. Larry Robert seemed a very difficult character lol. You can see how years later played would refuse to play. It was building up to that. Robert threatened that away to Arsenal. Came off the bench scored and won a penalty.
  11. Very easy to say a player like ASM is inconsistent. Black, quick, French winger playing for a mid table PL club. For me - he’s been consistently good for some time now. In this team if he can score and assist 13+ he would be doing superbly and would suggest he could perform at a higher level.
  12. Fulham look boring too. Wolves are defensive but pass it about nicely. Man U are boring but have some wonderful players that produce moments.
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