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  1. Only if it literally drops out of the sky Well I can dream can't I? Could it theoretically fully so high it leaves the atmosphere?
  2. Been quite a while since I saw Pogba justify his place.
  3. Sad thing is I'm not off my face, just a dickhead. Name change needed. Lewis up front was Wilson, Ferdinand was Fernandez? And no excuse for 12 players. In my defence I did hit 60 this year so possibly early onset of dementia, bunch of remorseless twats. And tbf, I did say it was what I would like to see, not that it was legal.
  4. Soft, I can see why it was given. However taking Wilson down in the first half for me was a penalty, and they were lucky that when Wilson was dragged back and it continued into the box that they only gave away a freekick instead. The officials have been suing the rule that if the foul continues into the box then it’s a penalty and that freekick was inconsistent with recent decisions. I assume you mean ASM
  5. Commentary annoyed me almost more than our players consistently weak passing, the majority going backwards. As far as I'm concerned that was more jam than deserved but I'm not complaining with the 3 points. When we won the penalty the commentators were saying it was the way Wilson went down, but you could see the Everton player really reacting to the pain of the contact - so it was a real whack! Schar Lascelles Ferdinand Murphy Lewis Longstaff Hayden ASM Almiron Fraser Lewis That's what I would like to see.
  6. Everton hold onto a strange record, they have never won a game where Richarlison has been absent - since he joined the club. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1354410/Everton-Richarlison-Carlo-Ancelotti-Premier-League-Goodison-Park-news-update-latest-SNT 2-1 correct score, Wilson to score - £5 for £99
  7. Masters was selected/approved by the clubs, (read big 6), was he not? The leaked/rushed plan to 'destroy football as we know it and severely hamper competition emerging' wanted to dictate who could buy clubs. (Which would have been dressed up a new Owners and Directors Test no doubt, but more stringent). So my theory, which is mine and nobody elses, is the people who designed that plan are the same ones who told Masters to delay, delay, delay - which in turn proves that dinosaurs really were thin at both ends. Caveat: Other people may have reached this conclusion before me. I just got up.
  8. Almost as bewildering and sad as your desire to shoot people's hopes down, to be fair. You'd think discussing the potential takeover in a positive light affected you on a deeply personal level, given the consistency of your appearances in here. There's room for level-headedness and hesitancy for sure, but logging on to the forum on a daily basis just to belittle people for having hope is pretty embarrassing, and that's pretty much the sum of your recent post history. Parody of a journalist these days, main role seems to be a twitter troll.
  9. Painful to watch, I swear we passed towards our goal more than theirs. Next to no pressing again too.
  10. "Hopefully .... put in a performance". Hopefully? .... prick!
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