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  1. calling yourself The Great Survivor isn't the same thing as thinking you ARE great btw. No, but it DOES make you the same kind of stupid cunt.
  2. Simpson is a mid-table-at-best right back, and anyone that extolls his virtues either doesn't actually go and see Newcastle regularly, or doesn't know what a RB should do. His positional sense is almost Bramble-esque (another player that some retards on here defended), and his abilities to track back, tackle and move the ball forward are all massively overated by the same idiots that think Williamson and Perch are capable defenders. If Pardew had done his job in the transfer window, we'd have gotten a new LB (not Anita, before the fuckwits who base their knowledge on FM start, you're idiots) ,stopped playing Santon out of position, and gotten rid of Simpson. As it is, we're stuck with him, and a team no one is unprepared for. Mid table looms, even thoudg "we're NUFC, so we must be good enough". Fuck off.
  3. After our pathetic transfer window, 10th. Too many clubs below us last season have strengthened, and despite what many cretins on here think, the fact that "we're Newcastle" doesn't make us good enough by default.
  4. Yes, but we only have one decent CB, Colo, never mind the "best in the world" struggling. Our Championship players are proving the system does not work for poor-quality defenders.
  5. Neither Perch nor Williamson are good enough for a top-half Premiership side, by a long shot. We NEED a new CB, and Pardew has known this for two months. Tell me, all of you wjho can drag your toungues out of AP's crack long enough - why has your brilliant manager not bought a CB at the START of the transfer window, given that we only have ONE fit Premier League quality player in that position?? Oh, let mne guess, it won't be his fault. Fuck off. Its cost us a number of points since Taylor got crocked, and you anre too stupid or too sycophantic to see it. Arseholes.
  6. I see that arsehoel Pardew has came out and said "we're a big club". No, you wanker, we're not, but there'll be some one-eyed idiots who fall for it. Long ball from both teams tonight. Hey ho.
  7. The club lie to us - FACT. The manager, the chairman, the owner - they all lie to us - FACT.
  8. So, our squad is big enough to cope without Ba and Tiote is it, Pardew, you cretin. Even the most one-eyed supporter can surely see that the likes of Lovenkrands and fucking Ameobi aren't goign to be scoring us enough goals to replace Ba?? But no, no doubt the apologists will find a way to make what he said ok. After all, the Fat Cunt will be investing all of the Carroll money, won't he......oh, i see. Ha.
  9. Let me guess - Pieters is also one of the best LBs in the world, and all of the ITKs know how great he is/how much he desperately wants to come to NUFC......hahahaahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Jesus, this place is still great. As soon as some ITK arsehole writes something down, its true! Its like a forum full of Alan Olivers.
  10. i LOVE how there are suddenly so many experts on previously-unknown LBs on here, hahahahahaha!!! What a load of shite. Same old n-o forums, same old pretend ITKs. You haven't seen him play, you had never heard of him before, you have no inside knowledge, you bunch of cretins.
  11. Well done Newcastle, yet another step backwards. All we need to hear now is that he is injured, to complete our usual massive fuck up.
  12. Wright-Phillips?? That shows how much Pardew is living in the past - it's been many years since SWP was deemed an adequate footballer. He's no better than what we have now, and what we have isn't great.
  13. What are the odds on us going down now? I want to put a decent bet on before Liverpool rape us, and before the bookies slash the odds too muchg once Pardew starts to work his "magic".
  14. What about if they didn't have to appoint anyone at all?? Because thats the situation the fat cunt SHOULD have been in. Now we have a POOR manager, who we won't be able to sack because of his contract, and we WILL lose some important players before the start of next season.
  15. So we shoudl fully support a poor manager that was unable to keep a job at a team 2 tiers below us, and respect the actions of an owner and MD that have no feelings or understanding for the club, and little o rno football knowledge or intelligence? Why don't we all go and buy extra stuff from Sprts Direct, too, to show what great fans we are?
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