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  1. Aye If we dont win against Bolton we are in deep shit
  2. AZ were the team who scored more goals then any other team in the UEFA cup last season. Van Gaal is million times better then Arry
  3. So we're beyond courting, or even attempting to court, the likes of Ramos and Van Gaal? Bollocks, all this subpar self-confidence mistaken for 'reality' is what's got us where we are. Ambition is what's needed, and creative thinking. And a board with a knowledge of the footballing world. Not Harry. Fucking. Redknapp. I think that with the appointment of Arry the new board has shown that they dont have these kind of qualities. Sad,sad days to be a newcastle fan and if we approached Mourihno or at least we tried things should have been so different.
  4. Completely agree with you. Its obvious that Ashley doesnt know alot about football and he doesnt have any advisers who are in the football business for a long time.So he is relying on his friends opinions which i think its absurd. Just the fact that we are sacking Big Sam for Arry Redknapp is just ridiculous. Nevermind that we paid Allardyce huge money for his sacking and now we need to pay money to Portsmouth for their manager Arry fucking Redknapp What a circus...
  5. Football is about opinions to take an old cliche, but the man is one of the best at bringing in relatively unknown players and turning them into to premiership stars, look at Benjani and Muntari. He is also known for getting the best out of older players such as Campbell and James, and we have a few of those, so if appointed give him a chance is all i'm saying They were good players even before they join Portsmouth Campbell is good player and Arry is not the reason for that.Even Roeder would make Cambpell look good. FFS Portsmouth havent scored at home for 3 months Feck off Arry
  6. I dont want Arry fucking Redknapp
  7. i will live it with you thats the only thing we can do right now to dream that some miracle like this can happen
  8. the new manager of newcastle united football club will be Jose Mourihno He will be announced next week.
  9. Completely true If he is appointed he'll be fired in the summer if we keep playing like Allardyce. If we improve under him maybe he'll stay longer but the main point is that the fans dont want him WE NEED QUALITY EXPERIENCED MANAGER WHO HAS WON SOMETHING IN HIS CAREER
  10. If Ashley reach an agreement with Hitzfeld or Scolari to take the club in the summer i'll leave Pearson until the summer.
  11. Berbatov is getting around 35-40k btw
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