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    Hilarious man, at work over the last year through COVID I've been told "we survived the blitz" and I'm saying "fuck me you look good for it, I've no recollection of it as I wasn't born till about 20yrs later" Some seem to watch war films (this goes for Yanks and westerns) as if they were documentaries.
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    When over 90% of Nazi hardware and fatalities were on the Eastern front, how can anyone see it differently?
  3. He may want to though if he feels "hey if this lot stop up they will Man City/Chelsea"
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    Say The Nazis do take Russia in 1941 or 42.......and you say the allies would still win. Would we by then have been allies or axis ? Also, had Hitler left the Eastern front alone for a bit and concentrated on us, are we goosestepping to the match ?
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    The 9-1 was 1909........we won the league. Always getting the last laugh.
  6. Nah......centre mid. I know a few people who've bumped into him in various situations and all spoke highly of him. Even one or two who I could imagine set out to get a reaction
  7. I see yous like like when the dead came back to the village in the French drama "The Returned", its a bit strange, yous aren't zombies and no one knows why ? Welcome
  8. Peter Bone going nuts on Newsnight and lying spectacularly. Nobody mentions Johnsons parties and fuckwittery when he's out campaigning apparently.
  9. In general chat. I dropped something in a few mins back so it should be near the top.
  10. Maybe time to put a stop to accepting new members for a bit
  11. NUFC.NU I think there's just me and HTT from them days.
  12. I was registered on there but forgot it existed.
  13. Also having alternatives may keep the price down if clubs think/know we can go elsewhere. Didn't we do that with Tiote ?
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