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  1. I used to be lower middle tier behind tge gallowgate goal (perfect for Shearer V Everton) but wouldn't swap my current L7 seat for it. In the Gallowgate you lose perspective as things get towards the Leazes, where I am I can see everything open up and play out asked Icarus has alluded and its surprising how much different and further away it feels in Leazes L7
  2. L7 Leazes or Milburn? Don't like Leazes L7 but currently sit in Milburn L7 and wouldn't swap.
  3. Careful with the term "block" as they can't really. They can amend and send it back for another reading, realistically they delay.
  4. He was once spat at up here when England manager after dropping the recently signed Kevin Keegan. Mackem folklore has it that it wasn't an isolated incident and that he was covered head to foot in spit after every game when he managed us. Plus the bit in Niall Quinns autobiog about being spat at by a Sunderland fan when playing for them is an obvious lie.
  5. But the HoL can only really delay a bill. Its easier to stand up for principles under those circumstances. I wonder how many of those from the Government side would reject legislation if it were knocked back permanently and that goes for when Labour are in power as well.
  6. Fucking idiots. Just get married to get that sort of abuse for free
  7. madras

    Job stuff

    This could turn fun.......anyone care to guess what he does for a living ?
  8. They can but why would they when Governments will throw "subsidies" at them. Its the only reason they are here really.
  9. Couple of bits in there I disagree with but the main point is on the button. We, as a country aren't skint, just that we've decided to concentrate our wealth in an ever decreasing set of people. The book "Where does money come from ?" By Collins, Greetham, Warner, Jackson gives s better explanation and at 160 odd pages isn't that heavy a read.
  10. To be fair there's a good few saying "if we are guilty we deserve everything we get", at least there was on the earlier pages I read.
  11. Unfortunately it's your first thought when the police say they aren't looking for anyone else.
  12. Weren't there tales of Man City having sponsors with "no staff, no active products and ran out of a mailbox in London" ?
  13. Be interesting to see if it's a panic or whether they already have someone lined up. See Southampton with Adkins and Pochettino.
  14. Putting up with those puns will be like going to Elland back.
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