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    Who's taking the wormster out on the town then ?
  2. At least some would be able to be racist in their whining. (Too far ?)
  3. madras

    Steve Bruce

    I'm going for "transition" as an outside chance.
  4. madras

    Steve Bruce

    We can. The owners don't think it's the best way to go. I'm beginning to think many want him sacked as soon as possible as punishment. Maybe not in the best interests of the club as those in charge seem to think.
  5. The 3rd point there.....have you seen the Steve Bruce thread ? I can't build that much hatred for someone that just hasn't been very good in a sporting arena.
  6. madras

    Steve Bruce

    In favour of ? We have such a paucity in that area it doesn't matter which we pick. What I was getting at was its daft to think if he somehow flukes a great result he'll be kept any longer.
  7. madras

    Steve Bruce

    Do you worry that if Shelvey has a good game we won't see CM as a position we desperately need to upgrade?
  8. madras

    Steve Bruce

    You really think he'd be given longer on the back of Sundays result ?
  9. Let him drift...Beardsleyesque.
  10. Exactly who I had in mind.
  11. It would mean saying no now to someone like Conte.
  12. madras

    Steve Bruce

    It's also possible that they've asked senior players and those that purport to know the club if we are better off right now, with Bruce or Jones or no one for the immediate future.
  13. Could also be someone comes in as interim Manager then moves on to become DoF type role at the end of the season when the manager/head coach we want is more likely to come.
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