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  1. Some form of GK Debuchy Taylor MYM Hairdryer Sissokho Cabaye Anita HBA Cisse Gouffran 2-0 to the Toon, come onnn!
  2. BBC news are miles behind all this!
  3. Theres another 1 kicking about aswell still?
  4. Mortal drunk reading a menu, noticed 'Parmesan'. Champion! Went absolutely crazy telling all the lads i'd ordered a parmo, and then that came. Fair to say i was mortified at being given squares of hard cheese, slices of apple, and a jar of honey which 1 lad disgustingly necked off mortal drunk himself
  5. Thats me ready to leave the house now, all sorted! 10.15 train, arriving in Kharkiv god knows how long after on the Wednesday. Come on
  6. Middle of last week we had sold 400 of the 500 we were given Aye, i picked my ticket up on saturday from the box office and i asked if there were many tickets left, to which she replied, plenty.
  7. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (born 15 May 1989) is a French footballer who plays for English non league club James Perch FC. He primarily plays as a central defender, though he can play along the entire back line
  8. Here goes Sucked a fucking scout off back in the day was a personal highlight
  9. I'm not sure what the crack is on posting videos from Youtube on here now, but if anyone fancies a chuckle for 5 minutes, some fan has uploaded a video about his thoughts on Nile Ranger ' A true Geordies view on Nile Ranger ' Do it!
  10. Roy Carroll shocker Tame shot from 20 yards ish
  11. How are they playing? Seems like they're missing Affellay!! Constant pressure until about 5 minutes ago, last 5 minutes couple of dangerous breaks from Olympiacos. Crowd have quietened down, and i'm losing faith
  12. Waiting on Schalke aswell, watching them on the red button screaming like its for 1m
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