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  1. Just a little bit of ball retention would be nice not really asking for much are we
  2. His face is a treat, desperate for him to let loose ha ha
  3. No wonder they've kicked the can so far down the road over the last year or so, he'd talk a glass eye to sleep
  4. I long for the day when Bruce receives the same treatment that Pardew got when he couldn't leave the dugout Truly magnificent to witness and i reckon it won't be too long before it happens again with Bruce
  5. How refreshing would it be for this new brand/partnership to launch the strips/training gear at affordable price especially geared towards the kids. The prices generally as shown with the England gear is an absolute rip off and quite frankly a piss take!
  6. Davy Ren


    Had my 1st AstraZeneca jab on Saturday afternoon, love it when they give you the sheet with the most common side effects, out of the 10 I ticked off 8 of the bastards. Rough couple of days but starting to feel a bit more normal now other than the dead arm. The staff at the Washington Nightingale were absolutely spot on A year later after mild symptoms i still can't smell which does have it's advantages although i would prefer it back, quite often also out of breath which given i was quite active is a bit of a killer although to be fait could do with losing a couple of stone
  7. So he's basically said he may release something to his mate Liam by Friday but if he doesn't it's good news Sounds a bit too familiar like so many that have come before in covering all angles Fair play to what he's trying to do and I've tried to stay positive but fuck me this is painful
  8. cheers mate, you would like to think common sense would prevail by doing exactly that but we are talking about an Ashley run club surrounded by imbeciles. I really do hope this happens over the next few days it's our only hope to give us a chance of staying up
  9. what was the crack mate i must have missed it on the old forum?
  10. No wonder the clown is always wearing an old school binman jacket then!
  11. Can just see Bein Sports as our main shirt sponsor now
  12. Been a member here for 15 years and long time lurker and don't post much but just wanted to thank Tsunami[/member] for his info
  13. how much would a modern day Rob Lee cost?
  14. Davy Ren

    Loïc Remy

    Surely it's got to be 7 or 11
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