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  1. Alex is a sound lad imo, who has done a great job raising the £. Not sure why he gets so much stick on here tbh.
  2. lovejoy

    Joe Willock

    thought he was really poor today, clumsy and unfit.
  3. did you go today (genuine question, not having a go)? i think most who did have a feeling of optimism because there were lots of positives to take both on the pitch and off it.
  4. is lewis away? didn't he get sent off in the last international?
  5. the jones is shit line is boring man.
  6. let's get the deal done for Howe asap.
  7. sorry, you're right, poor choice of words from me there.
  8. Ian Ladyman reckons its collapsed over wages.
  9. Humphries is absolutely sound, always speaks really well of NUFC.
  10. thats an even bigger farce tbh
  11. go and get nuno please.
  12. Go and get nuno (should the rumours he’s getting sacked be true), he ticks pretty much every box.
  13. he can organise a defence, knows the league (cathro knows the club) and knows the championship should it come to it. go and get him.
  14. nuno would be absolutely ideal.
  15. lovejoy

    Graeme Jones

    the reality lies somewhere in between.
  16. lovejoy

    Graeme Jones

    The Jones abuse is bewildering.
  17. lovejoy

    Kieron Dyer

    he got booed because he refused to come on against Middlesbrough
  18. Sounds like I want Martinez by my replies, which I don’t btw. I’d much rather favre or fonseca. Martinez would be above lampard for me though.
  19. He won them their first ever trophy.
  20. neither would I if I had Benitez 😂
  21. He was binned off with one game if the season left, wasn’t he? they were 11th or 12th. Neewhere near relegation. there’s no need for the hyperbole, it’s fine to be underwhelmed (I would be) but let’s be accurate.
  22. aye. Nowhere near a relegation battle, like. I get the disappointment (ish) but let’s at least be accurate. ’he’s taken every team backwards’ and ‘relegation battle with Everton’ etc is just bollocks.
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