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  1. NE6

    What are you eating?

    Alright bitch tits, is this your new home then?
  2. NE6

    Ever 'lost it' ?

    Smash his fucking face in.
  3. NE6

    Worst way to die

    Being forced to read Andy's lost thread from start to finish would be a pretty painful way to go.
  4. NE6

    Older woman

    Get her banged, she clearly wants it, and how the fuck have you got a maid?
  5. NE6

    Older woman

    What pizza shop was this (location wise), just so I can get a true evaluation of what sort of Walker doilum we're talking about here
  6. NE6

    Posters in public

    You should have double-deckered tbh Just ended up washing the dog instead, he loved it the horny bastard.
  7. NE6

    Posters in public

    Once bumped into Gejon in the gents toilets in the central station. Got caught short and was bursting for a pony so dived into the first vacant cubicle, only it wasn't vacant, Gejon was in there standing in a large sports bag looking very sheepish, not sure what he was up to so made my excuses and left. Seemed a nice guy though, very accommodating.
  8. Had this loads of times but as someone previously mentioned I always hear someone trying to break in and immediately think of the bairns in their room, but when I try and reach for my various assortment of weapons to go and investigate I can't move, its weird as owt like. On a separate note can anyone power nap? Over the past year or so if I'm shattered I've developed the ability to lie down, shut my eyes and go into a half state of sleep for about 20 minutes where I can hear everything thats going on around me but I'm asleep. When I get up from it I feel like I've been a kip for hours and I'm fresh as a daisy. At one point if I ever done this I'd fall asleep then wake up about 11 at night then be up for the rest of the night.
  9. NE6


    Blitz Spunk Sponge
  10. NE6

    Geordie Shore..

    Its all scripted apparently, that blonde bird tells them what to say and do.
  11. NE6

    Weird Dreams

    Fancy a bum?
  12. NE6

    Dexter: S09E01

    What episode is it up to? can only a find a link for episode 1
  13. NE6


    For all the Gamu Nhengu fans, don't worry she'll be back on TV screens next year. Keep an eye out for her in the background when Comic Relief starts.
  14. NE6

    Weird Dreams

    Release Maddie from your cellar and they'll stop immediately.
  15. NE6

    Come dine with me

    Did he do the cream of won yung man soup he's so fond of?
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