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  1. Aye. If there's one thing that 20 years of supporting Liverpool has taught me, it's that we don't win the fucking league.
  2. Much more so than the one against you. But wtf was the defender thinking?
  3. wacko

    The cycling thread

    That'll keep a bunch of phones/tablets and LEDs running. The whole family could huddle around you in winter!
  4. It wasn't meant to be passive aggressive… That's a whole lot of tosh you've talked there. I'm all ears. Or eyes, I guess… Then why the fuck are you writing essays and not, you know, working? To try and clear up any potential misunderstandings before you get round to replying (which I genuinely look forward to, btw): In case I wasn't sufficiently clear, with the "dole" comment, I wasn't trying to imply you're some kind of unemployed layabout: Quite the opposite. I'm assuming you're gainfully employed, but you seem to be simultaneously presuming that other people would sit
  5. No, it isn't. Anyone who knows anything about communism and human nature understands this. It doesn't matter if it is, as you say, "successful". I think it is. At heart, it's a very simple problem: machines will become cheap and/or good enough to replace so many people until only programmers still have jobs. (And the Singularity would do for them, too.) The rest is just details. Why are you going on about AI? Is that just because that's the latest thing you learnt at school? It's not necessary for the vast majority of jobs (it's rather a question of humans still b
  6. Err … what do indy wrestlers look like?
  7. Aye. French Revolution. Royalists on the right, revolutionaries on the left.
  8. Fewer nicks, yeah. But loads more slashes.
  9. wacko

    The photo thread

    It's not being black you should worry about. It's being American. Keep working on that Geordie accent and you'll be right. Unless you're darn sarf. In that case, I'm not sure if it's worse to be American or from oop north.
  10. I read the whole damn thing, and literally the only thing I remember is that it's boring beyond measure I guess that's what you end up with when you pay a novelist per word… If Major League lied, that casts into doubt everything I thought I knew about baseball.
  11. I certainly wouldn't recommend reading the actual novel. Tedious as all fuck it is. The comic exists, doesn't it? Or was Major League lying to me?
  12. Just get any old razor. It's all about the blades and the angle. Did you ever get a straight razor?
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