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  1. If that was the case then its sad of the Brum City, West Brom or any other West Midland's supporter. You will probably find in any case that most of the money raised by the man in the street for this hospice would be by people who have used the service and who probably have more things to worry about than football. True, true... But I do wonder. Bitter as I am.
  2. I tell ya. If I donated to a hospice. And that hospice appeared on the front of the Rags shirts. I would send my money somewhere else. Its the rules!
  3. I'm not so sure if this is such a good idea. The Rags (In my time) have had Sharp, Vodafone, and AIG on their shirts. # of Sharp products bought by me or my family in my lifetime = 0. # of Vodafone products bought by me or my family in my lifetime = 0. # of AIG products bought by me or my family in my lifetime = 0. It's not a coincidence. It's a matter of principle. Has anyone here ever bought a car from Reg Vardy? Do you bet at BoyleSports? I wonder if the amount of support this hospice gets from Birmingham City supporters will suddenly diminish. PS. I just saw that Blackburn's new sponsor is Crown Paints. Retrotastic.
  4. Didnt he miss two pens in one game not so long ago? Fancy PSV and Everton.
  5. IMO the only team capable of stopping the Rags is Barcelona. But I think they're going to be eliminated before they get the chance. At least they can't do the treble again. And that cunt who had never been to the Swamp in his life has moved house so he can't run up and down the street with an England flag like when they won it last time.
  6. The PSV "black snowballs" are a load of shite compared to the paper aeroplanes.
  7. Load of shite. We're on our holidays. Unfortunately for you I think we're turning into one of them teams that everyone wants to play at the end of the season cos they can't really be arsed with it. And we still have to go to Bolton, Birmingham, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. I can't say I'd be confident of winning any of them atm. Current team was barely working with Petrov in it, not working at all without him. We need a rethink but really were playing for next season.
  8. Good shit! Got any more?
  9. Wenger. Every day of the week. Their achievements are comparible. Their budgets are not. Plus Taggart is a cunt.
  10. I think that is right. We got Mpenza this time last year like that and his signing probably kept us up. A lot of players who "could" move.....but who would want to? Mpenza was playing for a club in Qatar. Is there anyone else half decent in the middle east right now? I'm sure most would come back if given a chance.
  11. Bolton. Aren't going to get enough goals to win enough games. I look at the other contenders and think they have enough. Reading are obviously pretty bad but they have goals in them (Scored more than anyone else down there I think), they'll always have a chance at nicking something, especially if they take some momentum from the other day. Wigan the other day impressed me (In the context of a team fighting relegation), they looked solid (No Bramble) and they carried a bit of a threat (Apart from Sibierski). Birmingham won handily and before that drew with Arsenal. Obviously got a bit about them right now. Sunderland have been winning home games all season (7 of 13). I'd fancy them to nick a few more and they have more home games left than away. Boro I dont think are serious contenders. They are pretty shit but their fixtures aren't that bad at the very end of the season. They might go close for a while - next 5 will be W1 L4 almost certainly - but I think they could pull away from any serious danger when they play the teams already on holiday - Spurs, Portsmouth, City. NUFC obivously in freefall right now but I dont see Bolton overhauling you. Looking likely to finish 4th or 5th bottom atm. Altho it could turn around with a win over Fulham before those two big games vs Reading and Sunderland. Wigan Birmingham Boro Sunderland Newcastle Reading -------- Bolton Fulham Derby
  12. Dr Spectrum

    Geordie Girls

    Just pretend you love the area and visit often for the nightlife, the city is known as a party city so it wouldn't sound too far fetched. We have an excellent night club called the Powerhouse, tell her you've tried some of the others but for some reason always end up back at that one, it's well known so you'll be OK. Youll have picked up enough information on here to bluff your way through it, just mention St James, the Castle and places like that. Mick you bastard :lol: :lol: Is that like the Blue Oyster Bar in Police Academy?
  13. No he never. He didn't get near touching the ball the cheeky little b******. One angle suggested he got the faintest of touches imo. I still don't think he touched it. I sit behind that goal and have a great view of the box. Good win for us today though. You seem to be ducking the all important issue mate. Pienaar's hair.
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