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  1. wormy

    NBA 2022-23

    Must be honest, I didn't agree with Shai getting shut down early the past couple of years and thought it would stunt him a bit but glad I was wrong.
  2. wormy

    NBA 2022-23

    I don't think it happens too often but didn't they stop for Steph getting the 3 point earlier this year, too? I don't know how long they stopped it for last night but if it was enough for him to give a mini speech it's too long imo.
  3. wormy

    NBA 2022-23

    I think it's a bit silly to have such an obvious non-reaction simply because you know it'll get picked up (look forward to the trade rumours for the next 48 hours). But.. Maybe not everyone gives much of a shit and just wants to play the game? I get it's a big achievement but I still find it strange that games just get stopped for records. I'd be irritable too if it was in the middle of a loss like this was. Plus, considering where he's walking from, did he just come back courtside or something? Maybe he wasn't even aware that was the shot?
  4. I think I got more excited at this thread name change than any transfer since the new owners arrived.
  5. Whoever made that age chart has really done him in. I feel like it was just a little joke until you actually saw ages plotted on a graph. It is getting a little weird tbf. Too consistent to play the 'you can't help who you fall in love with' card.
  6. Okay but is this just more evidence I'm a sheltered individual? What the fuck is that surface for a basketball court?
  7. Anyone given the console version a try? Downloaded to my PS5 when it released on the 1st and haven't gotten past creating an NUFC save. I'm sure I'd get used to it if I try but the UI feels utter wank.
  8. I was so jealous of all these people getting these amazing cars back with games consoles and hangout spaces being built in to the thing before growing up and discovering their work seemed to just make the cars even more unusable than they were.
  9. wormy

    NBA 2022-23

    I'm factoring in that he needs to play nice for at least six months to get his contract extension. So the downhill trajectory starts a little later than usual.
  10. wormy

    NBA 2022-23

    Everyone positively fizzing over a Luka-Kyrie backcourt and all I see is another disaster in a couple of years.
  11. wormy

    Alexander Isak

    This. I know it's not what we're aiming for in the long term but they've already shown in a spell they can coexist. If Maxi isn't firing and Bruno is out, why don't we?
  12. Welcome to N-O. Look forward to updates on him if you stick around.
  13. wormy

    Lush lasses (PNSFW)

    I was seeing some weird shit as I scrolled earlier but God damn was there a milf that had no right making me as sad as it did. I had to close it all.
  14. When they talk about how many draws we're getting it always sounds negative but it's worth bearing in mind half of those draws would be losses in most previous seasons.
  15. wormy

    Anthony Gordon

    Quick. Wipe 90% of this thread.
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