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  1. All I want is for them to not replace the particularly tacky shite coming off the East and Gallowgate stands. Even the standard hoardings around the stadium will look a ton better purely by virtue of (presumably) having some variety and not just being an SD.com sensory overload. And for the love of God the 'Newcastle United' font needs changing, yes.
  2. wormy

    Personal finance

    Jesus I forgot about HCMC. I stuck a bit in when I first heard about it then took everything out when it started gaining traction with the WSBellends. Quite sad to go to take a peek at one of the Subreddits and see people trying to convince themselves they definitely weren't in on it just because they heard about a court case and that the company still has rock solid fundamentals for the long term.
  3. wormy


    Really pleased for him.
  4. Until we start falling behind thanks to the upcoming terrible run, I'll stick with my 5.
  5. wormy

    Random thoughts thread

    The one in the convenience store local to my work re-opened recently so I thought I'd save some time and drop our franked post down there. That mistake lead me to needing to teach a member of staff the concept of post we'd already paid for in advance.
  6. wormy

    Daft questions

    Can sites actually advertise that they don't collaborate with GamStop to people signed up with them? I swear texts specifically advertising that 'feature' only started after I signed up which also makes me suspicious on where they got my information from. Outrageous practice and I'm just thankful I did it as more precautionary and am not tempted; wouldn't dare touch such a dodgy site even in my worst spates.
  7. wormy

    Your pet hates

    He used to drive me batshit but these days I'm honestly impressed he manages to hook so many, so long, so often. It's an art form.
  8. What on earth would that even go with? This has, however, made me curious enough to check and discover there's a chocolate orange spread. Might add that to the list.
  9. wormy


    Andrade's flailing legs trying to divert attention did amuse me. Cody's current shtick seems to be rubbing a lot of fans the wrong way but I'm highly intrigued and amused by the HHH nods. Oh, and Brandi looked like she enjoyed watching her husband burn way too much.
  10. wormy

    U.S. Politics

    Hi guys. How's things hanging in here? Oh. Okay. see you later!
  11. wormy


    I did not need to see an update of Cody's back first thing this morning.
  12. I always defended his China decisions for similar reasons but after a Google I've only just come to realise the first biggest issue of the foreign player quota was announced two years before he even went to the CSL.. Everyone and their dog could see such a quota was going to seriously hinder the growth of the CSL as a worldwide interest and in turn, owners would likely stop funnelling money in to it like they had started to do. Tbh that just makes me feel that like Everton, he was well aware of some quite restrictive constraints he was going to be working under and I've not much sy
  13. Christ I only needed the first line to know that story's going to be a struggle.
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