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  1. @Greg hope you don’t mind the questions on here as I can’t be fucked to go any other route and apologies if any are a repeat. Not logged on for a while so may well have missed something in this thread. How often an update will we get on total amount raised? Could a running total on the website be possible or would it be too complicated? Is there a plan on how a replacement Guardian would be sought if anyone needed to step down? Would a member vote be involved? Would you be seeking like-for-like replacements i.e. Lee Humble steps down then you’d want another accountant/finance profess
  2. What the fuck have I just watched.
  3. Man. Crazy how haunting the Meyers/Obama intro is with the right background music.
  4. 'Uneasy truth'. The drippy bastard couldn't have drawn up a more vanilla take.
  5. lol we'll see how long that lasts.
  6. They should ban 'super league' players from playing for the national teams, like they did in cricket with the Kerry Packer tours. FIFA are backing all of this more than UEFA, aren't they?
  7. ASM on the bench. I know it's supposed to be a feelgood article and so was probably the point, but some of those paragraphs are near vomit-inducing.
  8. Sounds like better entertainment value than some PL matches tbh.
  9. Also, in the comments people are pointing out that a lot of brands are produced in the Netherlands so a lot of it will still be subject to the 6%. EDIT: Damnit, Matt.
  10. Even if they weren't making things up, who gives 2 fucks about soy sauce *soya
  11. Same question I've been asking, the cabin dudes were a problem. Interesting no one mentions him in a full Trump suit carrying fake Ivanka over his shoulder very much I've been questioning this more and more also. Watched his interview with Colbert last night and he shows extra footage of him being found out at that gun rally and having to flee from attendees losing their shit and seems pretty legit.. But still, who truly knows. Then he says he spent (IIRC) five days living with those two guys and having to keep the act up every second of the day he wasn't in the spare bedroom they
  12. Didn't that creep come out with the same shit word-for-word a week or so ago?
  13. Green Lantern. I'm not a nonce.
  14. Please reply to his comment with nothing but his picture.
  15. the only people in denial about mimms at this point are penn and the luke edwards anime pillow he sleeps with. I know he's an absolute freak and a fucking weirdo but why would he sleep with an anime pillow of himself?
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