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  1. Ryan

    Football Manager 2022

    Sortitoutsi have megapacks for facepacks and logopacks
  2. Ederson vs Fraser at SJP. Longstaff vs Burnley last season. It's always us
  3. Ryan


    Wordle 215 2/6 🟩⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Lucky guess
  4. Ryan


    Futbin has massively overtaken it in terms of the features, updating of databases etc..
  5. Ryan


    'You are not currently eligible to book through this service'
  6. Rafa’s gonna be gone soon.
  7. Shame ASM didn’t get a better shot off just before HT after that Shelvey pass. SJP was absolutely rocking at that point.
  8. Naughty tackle on him before setting up that chance for Joelinton. The way he stayed on his feet was like HBA that time against Bolton, shame it wasn’ the same outcome
  9. Brilliant again lads, well done to all involved. All the black and white flags looked brilliant from the back of the Gallowgate.
  10. Fucking hell, typical NUFC.
  11. Ryan

    The Shoe Council

    Sorry Yeah, maroon ones just released today I think? or possibly next week. On the promo poster there was a snippet of a black pair similar to the Aqua/Monarch's. Rumoured to be out pre-Christmas but might just be guesswork from certain IG and Twitter accounts. They look decent though.
  12. Ryan

    The Shoe Council

    I got the Aqua's via exclusive accessive. Pretty chuffed as they were my favourite out of the two although the upcoming black pair look nice as well.
  13. First home game in 3 years tomorrow, can't wait. Really hope Dubravka is in from the start. He must be pretty close to 100% with the training and game time he's had for Slovakia.
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