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  1. Bruce binned tomorrow morning and someone new in place by Tuesday/Wednesday hopefully. Fingers crossed the players won't have another couple days off this week ahead of the game
  2. His reaction to the goal is class
  3. Ryan

    Steve Bruce

    Rafa achieved the same with us in the Championship and he kept it secret until after the game polar opposite to the clown we have now. ‘Rafa Benitez kept his 1,000th game as a manager a secret this week. He passed the milestone just as he wanted – with no fuss, and nothing to distract from Newcastle's 2-0 win at Wigan and return to the top of the Championship.’
  4. Ryan

    Steve Bruce

    It’s no wonder we’re so shite when they had a long weekend off and then another day off 3 days before a game ffs.
  5. Ryan

    Steve Bruce

    Champion. The sooner the better, hopefully first thing in the morning.
  6. Sounds good to me but I’m happy to go with what the majority prefer.
  7. I prefer 7’s as well but happy either way. Not sure how 7’s would work if we’ve got 23/24 people. Too many subs for 1 game and not enough people for 2 games.
  8. aye, that’s fine. Can drop her off at 9:30 and still be at Powerleague before 10
  9. What time do we usually book the pitch for @Yorkie? I usually drop my lass of at work around 10am on a Saturday. Could make it to Powerleague in about 20 minutes. If we’re looking at a 10am start, I can drop her off a bit earlier. Shouldn’t be a problem.
  10. That’s class. Can’t believe I’m jealous of Villa now. Football is fucking shit at the moment. Man City get a paltry £6m fine for agreeing a deal to the leave the PL then a couple months later spend £100m on a player whilst we’re scraping for B-team players from teams in the same league as us. Our owner couldn’t give a fuck and has zero interest anymore, our manager is the worst in the PL by a country mile, our squad is turgid and the PL are blocking a proposed takeover of the club supposedly acting in the best interests of it’s member club whilst allowing much dodgier takeovers of
  11. Sancho should’ve been on just after half time. Crazy how we only used 2 subs and had him and Bellingham sat on the bench ffs. Would’ve even had Sancho on ahead of Grealish.
  12. Quality goal that.
  13. Who’s on co-comms? Absolute muppet.
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