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    FUT... 🤮 Tried 3 games. 1st. vs a team with only PL-players. Ronaldo, Lukaku, Son, Sancho, Kante. 2nd. vs a team with only Bundesliga. Haaland, Kimmich, Bellingham. 3rd. La-liga. Modric, Benzema. Should be two pools. Pay to win and the rest.
  2. Great release by Blizzard. D2R-servers down.
  3. Cruella. Are all the puppies (the ones that Perdita gives birth to) in One Hundred and One Dalmatians inbred? Pretty sure she and Pongo are siblings in Cruella. Good movie tho. I give it 73/101 Dalmatians. Emma Stone can give birth to my future children.
  4. Only me who liked Oblivion more?
  5. lxsln

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Guardians of the Galaxy and the rest of the MCU would have been useless with T'Challa as Starlord.
  6. Anyone here planning to play Diablo 2 on Playstation? There seems to be only one PS-version, so it should be possible to play together. Open beta this weekend.
  7. Not as good as the other pizza you love, but this one also works.
  8. 209sek with 1.5L Pepsi. Dunno. £16-17ish.
  9. All this jealousy. and Loki679, I only came 3rd last year, you won by far.
  10. Great game! My son, gave it "better than Fortnite!". Thats like Snoop saying "better than weed".
  11. So most people have this on PC or PS? Can't we run an online tournament (Ps) for glory?
  12. Bought this on PS4. Can you restart careermode and can you change so you use 3 clicks instead of the damn stick? 90% of my shots are slow/very slow.
  13. lxsln

    The Job Thread

    So there is a difference between the private and the public sector? 87? By then I have already been eaten by sharks.
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