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  1. Youtube trail ended up with me here. When he's at the end behind the goal
  2. Given deserved to try for some glory rather than getting an appearances record our wretched soulless club.
  3. Would love him to be our first captain to lift a cup in generations.
  4. It's also definitely a milestone in our rise that we're taking the young stars off teams like Everton.
  5. I'm excited - Eddie clearly thinks a lot of this kid (as do the Chelsea recruitment team) and we've got him. Howay.
  6. Anthony Gordon is only 21, I'm not too surprised he's not learned to be so clever and restrained in his shithousery. Feel like I've missed something. I remember being annoying the two times we played them but I don't remember anything earth shattering that's caused this level of animosity towards a potential signing that I don't really remember for any other player ever.
  7. He was found not guilty. However he was fined by the club for an earlier incident where he was throwing chairs at and racially abusing a McDonald's staff member.
  8. I think lifting on the shoulders is against the rules. I can't be arsed to prove it, but I'd wondered about it before and looked it up. Think it would maybe come under dangerous play. Bit off topic, but related to free kick innovations - I was wondering if someone like Ward Prowse has a free kick, might it not be worth putting a player or two on the goal line, or just right in front. Cons that you're playing everyone onside, but if they're prolific thought might be worth it. (I suppose not, otherwise someone would be doing it...)
  9. Just something about Eminem here kept reminding me of wor Tripps ...
  10. Tripper - ManU (https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/nov/07/kieran-trippier-england-world-cup-tottenham-burnley-big-flag) Dummett also a toon fan. ASM - PSG?
  11. Does Trippier going to drag Isak away from our fans when he jumps the boards? ('don't get carried away' I imagine)
  12. Love Big Dunc man. Got no doubt he cares about climate change, he's a good man. Can't see him going for the vegan stuff though - reckon he's much more into systemic change than worrying about individual actions.
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