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  1. He needs to get out of our joyless club. Hope he leaves the PL though, don't want him against us.
  2. Embarrassing us in front of the nice Doncaster man.
  3. At this stage I'd just like them to remaster one of the games from around 2000-2006. This doesn't appeal.
  4. Inferior Acuña


    'Pfizer says it's time for a Covid booster; FDA and CDC say not so fast' (2 weeks ago) https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/08/health/pfizer-waning-immunity-bn/index.html In Israel they're now offering a 3rd Pfizer dose (same formula) to most at risk (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/israel-vaccine-pfizer-booster/2021/07/12/ce5ceed4-e30e-11eb-88c5-4fd6382c47cb_story.html)
  5. Inferior Acuña


    My understanding of the efficacy % was more like 90% efficacy means the vaccine produced enough antibodies in 90% of people, rather than every individual has a 10% of catching it with each exposure. Though I've never heard it clearly explained and have wondered. I also know it's not really as simple as either of these explanations and there are varying levels of immunity and exposure. (And either way your main point stands)
  6. I'm in the US - I bought it off Amazon, distributed by a company that specifically sells carnivorous plants. It was about $25. Came already grown and surprisingly good condition for something stuck in normal post. Also came with a load of moss stuff, which it lives in instead of soil.
  7. Yeah it snapped right shut. Could then see shadow of the fly walking about inside, brutal.
  8. I bought a Venus Fly Trap recently cos some fruit flies have been annoying me in the kitchen, and I'm an adult so can buy things like that whenever I want... Never really believed it would work though, assumed it'd die before catching anything. Or I'd miss it. I just brought inside specifically cos these two flies were annoying me, and within a minute one of them flew into it and I saw it snap right shut on the bastard. Proper buzzing, never thought I'd see the day.
  9. That'd be more interesting than the current endless soullessness. And totally worth it if it led to better ownership.
  10. The Scottish guy, Desmond, seems to have stayed there too.
  11. Just finished Ganon off on BOTW. I don't really know what I made of this. I felt it was missing a certain Zelda magic, and *think* I didn't enjoy it as much as Skyword Sword which I just played a year ago. The lack of dungeons, lack of beautiful music - and the whole shrine slogging thing. On the one hand the massive game was very impressive and beautiful in a lot of ways, it was great making some discoveries. But also I sometimes felt wandering around looking for shrines and collecting supplies gave me the kind of feeling I get when aimlessly scrolling through twitter on the inter
  12. Yeah I was fuckin terrified he was going to score. Imagine man Brilliant as it goes though, so glad he got to come back for that.
  13. Bellamy for 6.5 mil has to be up there for the role he had in our transformation.
  14. It was a friendly, but it's funny I remember caring too. Couldn't normally give a fuck about friendlies.
  15. Never noticed that, have never seen that before. Had it on in background behind me, just turned around when I heard Rivereeere. That's what I had it on for and he delivered, after waiting almost a whole season for to fluke one in at NUFC.
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