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  1. Aye, honestly one of my favourite non-toon people. Felt like as fierce as the rivalry is there was something good natured about it both ways with him when he was at the mackems, and seems like a solid guy all-round. Remember after we beat them at there place and we were kept behind in the stadium, he was on the pitch doing the post-match interview which we did our best to drown out with his song and he turned around and pulled on his ears - hardly the wittiest thing but just helped things be just a bit of fun.
  2. I reckon if you get clipped in the box and you're falling (which was a real fall as he loses footing due to contact) you'd naturally throw your hands in the air and scream HOWAY REF!! as you're going down.
  3. He organizes the whole team for the fk we score. (Love ASM on the final whistle too)
  4. I think if he moves in the summer he wants a Bosman not a release-clause transfer because the players get a bumper pay packet that way aye?
  5. I'm not really arsed if he's that eager to come here over West Ham - if he does come I'm confident he'll want to impress regardless, given that he's looking to get a good contract and be in the WC squad.
  6. Sounds like a lot for a player who doesn't have an international cap. Not complaining if he'll help keep us up.
  7. Didn't we sing 'fuck off Peter Reid' though instead of 'cheer up'. Only version I know that needed a little extra vitriol
  8. We've definitely sped up the chanting just over the years I've been going since mid 90s. We used to be able to get a TOON TOON - BLACK N WHITE ARMY going for a good while, but now it falls in on itself after about a minute.
  9. Did football cause it though? It happened not long into a game, doubt it was exhaustion or hard exertion, thought it was pretty random and could happen to him doing anything.
  10. Him and Howe were on camera celebrating/congratulating at final whistle together too.
  11. He's self-deprecating about the fk in the interview I heard - he says 'the keeper chucked that one in for us', which I'm not sure the keeper will appreciate.
  12. I reckon his role is definitely significant beyond his goals - we're structured better with him there, similar to the way Rafa liked playing Joselu despite him being little goal threat (at the time).
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