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  1. Gerrard would make me nervous given he's largely unproven. But he seems promising and if it worked out I could really see him clicking with us. I'd be excited to give him a go. Is Martínez good? I always thought he was overrated at Wigan and then got found out at Everton - not terribly, but not particularly good. I believe Bruce finished higher with Wigan than Martínez ever did....
  2. We could go down if bad decisions are made and there's complacency. But there's no way we're more than 50% with 30 games to go, a managerial change coming and money to spend in Jan. I'm sure odds will reflect that. People here always overestimate our chance. There were people saying 9 last year.
  3. Not the end, fucking obviously. It's not my job to explain to you and you've shown no interest in what anyone thinks, it's the 'end of'.
  4. I think you've made it clear GWN that you don't give a shit. Fair enough. That doesn't make it nowt or the 'end of'. It's shit in two almost opposing ways. 1) They're celebrating the Saudi source of the money. That shouldn't be celebrated nor the serious discussion over it made light of. 2) Wearing cultural dress as a fancy dress costume is plainly offensive and I can't be arsed to explain why.
  5. Can't remember ever hearing the media love a mediocre manager so much as Steve Bruce?? Had two different streams on and both not only told about what a good job he's done but specifically his "integrity", also 'honesty' and 'open-mindedness' (??)
  6. Thought that was poor not putting the ball out?
  7. Keep spotting imitation keffiyeh in the background in the crowd and wondering why fans are gagging to dress like that? It's not even like it's com from nowhere with the takeover, it seems to be a background desire that's been around for years and some are delighted they've been given a 'reason' for.
  8. How was the April Hunter fight? Saw she lost. Been following her a bit recently.
  9. Inferior Acuña


    One2One cafe I believe. I haven't been to Newcastle since it opened back up post-covid, so I can't be sure it wasn't a victim of the pandemic. Anyone else know? edit: seems to be: https://www.facebook.com/cafeone2onenewcastle/
  10. I can see that, but for me I'm past that. My lack of caring about Newcastle winning - and sometimes even wanting us to lose - was because we were a nothing club where winning meant nothing. It was much bigger than Bruce. Now we're no longer that club I want us to win, and don't ever want to think like that again.
  11. I think people on here might be overestimating how much it will be about him to the SJP crowd on sunday. I agree it'd have been a purer celebration without him, but not sure it'll take away a lot.
  12. Me neither - that gig is always a time point of reference for me, 2 days after my 16th birthday. I was there the night the barrier broke.
  13. Inferior Acuña


    There's one I go to in the Grainger Market. It's maybe not what people would call quality but it's definitely a proper greasy spoon, I like it.
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