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  1. teamtalk for me, like.
  2. unless they think they could use the £50-60m to boost their title bid with an extra couple of players coming in.
  3. bloody hell man. its 2022 and these are massive premier league clubs. should be no excuse and these clubs shouldnt be allowed hosting matches unless there's safe and adequate turnsiles/stewarding.
  4. anyone explain what was happening at the turnstiles. i nearly took my kids but ended up giving up the tickets. was bad enough at old trafford - massive congestion, and 2 only tiny turnstiles for all the away fans, only got in about 3.15.
  5. Lingard showed at West Ham that he'd not be a risk. Alli would be a gamble but one worth taking for a few months to try and beat relegation.
  6. was hoping for a bid for Mbabu. pacy, two footed and a great defender.
  7. highlights on nufc.co.uk. - Ando really is getting more miserable by the week. right fucking radgie.
  8. did all right yesterday. should have had a pel, a fee kick on the edge of a box, and he also put the ball on a plate for willock.
  9. huss9

    Ryan Fraser

    murphy's much more of a goal threat.
  10. huss9

    Rafa Benítez

    nah. liverpool for me by a mile. then spuds, chewsi, with manu 4th.
  11. there'll always be a little bit of colo in cramlington....alegedly.
  12. sad fucker that i am, i've watched the extended highlights on .cock and done a frame by frame of our goal and schar is level (just).
  13. christ, when that other guy dropped hm in favour of Krafth
  14. huss9

    Chris Wood

    he's not the best, but lets get behind him. any social media trolls need to wait till we're safe from relegation (fingers crossed). that goes for the rest of the squad also.
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