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  1. huss9

    Sean Longstaff

    bruce saying his future has nothing to do with him, and it lies in the hands of those upstairs. useless cunt (bruce that is). if he likes longstaff, has a clear role for him then he should be making sure he is offered a new contract. there's definitl;ey an agenda against the longstaffs. whether either of them are premier league standard can be debated but i dont think they've been treated well.
  2. huss9

    Joe Willock

    he's barely been in the opposition box all season. miss against manu but cant remember any other goalscoring chnces this season for him.
  3. huss9

    Steve Bruce

    from the chronicle today Haycock's appointment comes little more than a year after Bruce launched an investigation into the number of injuries his side suffered during his first season at the club. Although Newcastle were down on soft tissue injuries, in 2019-20, Bruce admitted his players were having to adjust to a different style of training. "All the sport scientists, doctors and nutritionists, we have analysed what we do," he said last September. "To be fair, we do ask them to work hard in training with a certain intensity, which has changed over the last 12 mont
  4. tbh Sean looked like he had a much better all round game, just that matty got a belter on his debut at the gallowgate end against manu and it doesnt get much better then that.
  5. huss9


    they all need grief
  6. huss9


    he wasnt fine (imo anyway). missed a decent chance, hardly got off the turf when competing for headers and kept falling over every he got into the box. granted he did pass the ball to ASM before he went on his dribble to score.
  7. huss9


    yeah, but will joelinton ever get a winner against the mackems?
  8. huss9


    if he was shit all the time it woulkd be bad enough and not his fault. but he can show in glimpses he has a decent touch, can run, can turn a man. and that infuriating as it becomes a question of attitide and laziness.
  9. huss9

    Dwight Gayle

    giving away your age there.
  10. huss9


    and he failed at that too.
  11. because enough people didnt join in or do their bit. its easy criticising others. cant leave it to a dozen or so to do it all.
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