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  1. jenas's unamarked at the far post and heads wide at the gallowgate end with the goal gaping. shearer skies a fucking pel. i'm not gonna sleep now!
  2. huss9

    Anthony Gordon

    thank you! a real pet hate. my dad drummed it into me, and i drum this into my kids.
  3. huss9

    Fabian Schär

    @Heron there's your next player's flag for you. "YOU HAVE TO DESERVE IT FIRST"
  4. huss9

    Anthony Gordon

    yeah i noticed that too. seems so happy, relaxed as if a huge weight has been lifted. bet his family's relieved too.
  5. huss9

    Karl Darlow

    big thanks for Karl getting my daughter into footie. was never interested at all and always refused to come with me and her two brothers to games. she then saw him on the telly, massive crush developed and now she's a toon radgie with a ST in the gallowgate like the rest of them.
  6. huss9

    Adam Armstrong

    really pissed me off.
  7. huss9

    Anthony Gordon

    lucky masseuse getting a cheeky little toe job from Fab.
  8. huss9

    Anthony Gordon

    i doubt its the media team that decide when signings are or aren't announced. its up to the hierarchy.
  9. huss9

    Anthony Gordon

    how much were Leverkusen asking for Diaby or were they refusing to sell?
  10. huss9

    Anthony Gordon

    havent seen much of gordon but i trust howe. the kid needed to leave liverpool. too much expectation and pressure on the kid to keep everton up single-handedly (with DCL perhaps). watching that video of him being roadblocked and abused by fans... i wouldnt be surprised if his family had told him to get out and start again somewhere else.
  11. huss9

    Anthony Gordon

    he's just arrived at everton training ground according to skysports
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