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  1. The Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken 'eggplant' scene in True Romance.
  2. Found the first goal from kick-off in YT, filmed by a fan. 22 passes, no Ipswich player gets a touch. Brilliant.
  3. That was Gouffran's flick on I think. Must be the best team goal we've scored in many years if true.
  4. I was at the game today and was convinced that Ipswich didn't touch the ball before we scored. It's not been mentioned anywhere else so can anyone here confirm?
  5. You'd need loads of paper for that.
  6. I hope he has one of those dreams where he ends up at school without any trousers or underpants on, only it's not a dream and he has some serious explaining to do.
  7. Hope he lends his mate his sherbet fountain and his mate makes the top of the tube go all soggy with hockle.
  8. josimar

    John Carver

    Wait until you miss your first game, it's like recovering from an illness. I felt worse on the run up to missing my first game, on matchday it felt like a relief to be not going. It's been such a chore recently I don't think I'll be that bothered. Will definitely consider going back under new ownership.
  9. josimar

    John Carver

    Well done. Better late than never I suppose. Feel a mug for not doing it sooner. I used to love going to the match but these past two years have been purgatory. It's become little more than an irritating distraction from the pub.
  10. josimar

    John Carver

    I've sent my cancellation today. That interview last week and the predictably s*** appointment of Carver were the final straws for me. We haven't got anyone lined up and the supposed targets will all have much better options in the summer. Another huge mistake by the t**ts running the club. I thought I'd feel sad. I feel relieved.
  11. josimar

    Shoe Council

    I've got a pair of these and they're excellent. They are even lighter than they look in that picture however. They are thick leather boots and crippled my ankles for the first four days but are really comfortable now. I love mine and although they are expensive, they should last for ages so will be good value in the long term.
  12. Thanks. I don't buy the programme usually but might have a look at the next match.
  13. After the match on Saturday, I was wondering how many goals we score at the Gallowgate compared to the Leazes. It feels like we score quite a lot more at the Gallowgate end to me. Anyone got the stats?
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