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  1. Excellent win! I wish Wood had connected with ASM's knockdown for an easier end to the match. The passing phase in the last few minutes was excellent. Once we reduce the stupid mistakes we'll be a much sturdier outfit. Break now and a few more signings and hopefully smash Everton.
  2. Yup. Because he's not a LB. Not any more. CB or nothing for us IMO.
  3. Manquillo wow what a "cameo" in that second half. Total shut down of Leeds' right side. Superb!
  4. Know nothing about this lad. Is he basically a BTEC Sterling?
  5. I hope we sign him as looks like a freakishly good prospect for his age.
  6. No issues at all with this signing. A player of his type was needed in our arsenal even before Wilson's injury. The only issue I have is that I'm slightly suspicious of Burnley agreeing to the move (some are reporting his clause is for summer window), in case he has an injury or a physical problem somewhere. Hopefully our medical team is qualified enough to spot anything untoward.
  7. I agree, but he's a massive asset, and Howe as the manager needs to find a way to get the best out of him. Whether it's by giving him a free role, or bringing him on as a first sub etc. A lot will depend on the players we bring in this window too. If we bring another skilful demon then we'd at least have balance on both sides, and not everything would have to go through him. He's a rotten egg at the moment and Howe is paid to get the best out of him or sell.
  8. Feels like he doesn't want to be at NUFC and I wouldn't be surprised if he left this window. He's better than the MLS though.
  9. Entertainment has no value in a struggling team. He needs special attention from Howe as he's clearly one of the most talented members of the squad and we will need him at his absolute best to have a chance of winning enough matches to stay up.
  10. If we want to move up a level, Dubravka is a sub-goalie.
  11. Nothing short of embarrassing from Howe and the players. They took the piss with the line-up and with the approach to the game. Maybe this serves as a wake-up call? After the good work against Man Utd and the euphoria of the window, some fuckers will come back down to earth and realise that we're still dogshit and still need to figure out how to win. No striker is a monumental issue. This team won't beat Watford or Leeds if they take the piss again.
  12. He is excellent. I just don't like the cut of his jib
  13. Even then, Hendrick should be first out the door. Not sure what's going on with Matty Longstaff, but even he can leave before Sean IMO.
  14. Anywhere between 5-8M is a fair valuation for Sean Longstaff in his current contract situation. He's not THAT useless ffs. Massive dip in form, yes. Worth more to Rafa probably because he knows how to get the best out of him. I wouldn't let him go unless it's for maximum value either in cash or player exchange.
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