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  1. "Jesus Christ! have you seen this? There's a football club underneath this dust"
  2. Scrubbing away Mike Ashley's shyte
  3. I think they have just asked him to hold the fort until they make an official appointment. If he was staying he would have been all over the news telling everyone. He's has been told to get his payoff, keep the team working and keep your mouth shut for a few days.
  4. Can we build a statue of this man and then later generations get to topple it?
  5. I think Wilson could do with an extra couple of bodies to help him out.
  6. 14 years of Ashley and the new owners have only been here a few days. Let them get settled, asses the crap thats in the club and make some decisions. This is what we wanted, people who think about things before rolling out any old nonsense.
  7. He was the club's secretary.
  8. Yeap, by the time the happiness faded, Ashley has asset stripped the club for all its worth and taken all the clubs brands for himself.
  9. Bruce is perfect for Derby rebuild
  10. Dressed a million times better then Ashley.
  11. Canteen is a amazing
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