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  1. Social media makes people act in the funniest of ways.
  2. So what was the point of both parties going for arbitration, which was preferred by the Premier league only for themselves and NUFC to not disclose their information properly??
  3. He'll be asking to suck his fingers like finishing off a boneless bucket.
  4. So one of the sides has produced some evidence which the other side has not seen ??
  5. Wow, he is finally spending his wallpaper monies.
  6. Imagine having a slogan as part of your identity which references your greatest revivals. Seems odd and needy for attention having FTM plastered on everything. Why not just have Sunderland on your flag.
  7. Same, I dont find gangs, mobster or organised crime that interesting let alone heroic.
  8. This is getting like the Fast n Furious movie franchise where each instalment gets more and more outlandish.
  9. We can all imagine the phone call from Mike Ashley to Puma.
  10. Masters and the top 6 whatsapp chat group.
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