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  1. megaphones and drums SJP is fine the way it is, everyone gets behind the team when its needed. The Man city game was pumping.
  2. "We haven't had enough wins, there have been too many draws. We'd have been alright if it was still two points for a win, but it's not and we have to accept it." That real?
  3. Everyone just be mindful and respectful towards each other, cant believe i have to type that.
  4. If you get "house" on the PFM bingo, what do you win ?
  5. Not really, as i think N-O is only a micro selection of NUFC fans from the local area and those fans from around the world. I think a large majority will either be actively involved, choose to quietly reflect, keep quiet and allow others their moment or stay away and turn up for the game. Its just about a bit of respect, thats all. No one is asking you to swear allegiance to the crown.
  6. Good display it, NUFC is for everyone, the more the merry but dont stop people wanting to reflect on the things that are or have been important to them over the years.
  7. Is it really a political statement to run a display for the head of state, who has been around for 70 years? I mean its not like they are favouring the left or the right but more reflecting on that someone has been there for most if not of all our lives.
  8. I remember Allardyce's Bolton getting a late winner against Chelsea and there was hell on. I think it was when Chelsea were in their Mourinho pomp as well.
  9. I think you need to take a break from social media fella, i mean we have problems that need solved pretty much like any western country at the moment but to say we cant fly the flag or show reflection at the moment of the head of state passing at our sporting events is a bit OTT.
  10. Make a mistake? a Mistake? In what sense? As it doesnt align with your view point? What about others? Why should NUFC and its fans all maintain the same views you hold?
  11. Wor Flags have been amazing for NUFC, ive seen nothing like it in my time of following NUFC. This is where being nailed to a particular set of politics on either side wont allow moments of peace and sharing or being respectful to others.
  12. Shuddering, Pardew, Bruce and Allardyce. We've suffered them all as well.
  13. So the super clubs all have their stadiums in place before these rules kick in, then this will make it harder for any team with aspirations to break that group and challenge them. As it will prove extremely difficult to build a squad, manage wages demands and invest in stadium expansion or facilities. Hmm, feels like a "tax" to keep clubs out of the top echelons to me.
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