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  1. duo's been like this for awhile.
  2. Go back to your incel buddies at 8kun, twat.
  3. You are having a mare in your first few posts, dude. Not saying Howe is beyond criticism (plenty of reasonable criticism to aim at him so far), but dismissing his achievements at Bournemouth is just utterly ridiculous. You sound like a duo acolyte here.
  4. I resent being called older
  5. He's going to constantly change the goalposts of the debate, man.
  6. yeah. You can watch Stronger Than Bullets on Sky and Amazon. That one is about the music explosion that happened in Libya during the 2011 uprising. I also have a few on the way. One is about three women crossing the Arabian desert, which is inching toward completion. The other is an investigation into the missing Goldfinger Aston Martin. A third has been put on hold, because we can't get back to Niger any time soon to finish filming.
  7. Strangely, a lot of the New Age chumps and yoga community fell into it as well. Great podcast called conspirituality that highlights this. I considered doing a documentary delving into this subject more. Makes sense considering common thinks like an anti-vax stance, and their tendencies to worship narcissistic gurus.
  8. Never would have imagined that we'd still have this plodder on six years later if I knew how shit he was going to be.
  9. Excited and nervous as hell. I was hired on as a second unit director for Danny Huston's ambitious as hell documentary about the stolen Goldfinger Aston Martin. Massive budget. Huge names involved, but unsure exactly how they want me to film this investigation stuff on the East coast. Not to mention the pandemic raging. But it's quite a bit of money, and Danny Huston seems like a wonderful guy to work for. But he is film royalty.
  10. Once again, some of us are not getting on people for questioning the manager. And once again, in this context, it is of course reasonable to criticize Howe. that is not the issue. It's continued kneejerk responses from some of the same posters on a significant number of threads in this forum. whether people are right or not is NOT the issue. It reminds during the beginning of the pandemic, one of my exes claiming that she knew it was going to be serious. She's not a fucking epidemiologist. That she happened to be right was by pure chance, but not from her astute observations, as she believes t
  11. I'm definitely a bit disappointed as well up to this point. difficult not to be.
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