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  1. Pretty spectacular example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by the 76ers.
  2. Looks like you'll be jerking off like a pilgrim tonight.
  3. It does look like a really shitty attempt to add hair to a doll.
  4. No surprise. That Jim Watkins dude (and probably his sociopath son as well) is likely a pedophile.
  5. Of course Bennett is an absolute murderous nutcase who talked about killing a lot of Arabs and had no problem with it. So I doubt Israeli policy is going to change one tiny bit for the better whether Netanyahu is there or not. But fuck that fascist Bibi. Would get a little bit of a schadenstiffy to see him get thrown to the wolves.
  6. Bennett joining the opposition is a massive blow for him.
  7. Vinny Green Balls


    Not sure that your very reasonable, cogent comments are having much of an effect.
  8. As I've said before, Washington fucking Generals.
  9. I mean trying to compromise with fucking fascists...it's such an obviously dog shit strategy. A much better one at this point would be to actually get shit done. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck the filibuster. If Republicans win the House, they will be better placed to not certify an election. And this shit on January 6th will seem nostalgic in comparison to the shit storm that'll be coming.
  10. Exactly. I would not exactly trust Lukashenko's definition of a terrorist.
  11. Going to be depressing when this shit gets buried again until the next flare up.
  12. Of course he did. This is his play to stay in power. He'd be over the moon to let this go on until the deadline for the opposition to form its cabinet passes.
  13. But Operation Bibi Immunity needs more time
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