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  1. Oh I guarantee that they'll use it as evidence that Bruce would have turned it around.
  2. Yeah, as evidenced by my fifteen posts decrying the decision today, I've been defending them for keeping Bruce. But perspective. It's been one game and you are clearly trying to wind people up. No need to respond form this point forward.
  3. Oh FFS. If you are going to troll, get better at it.
  4. Of course, but there are plenty of 60 year old managers who have had no problem adapting. The problem with guys like Bruce is that they shouldn't have been managers in the first place, even in 1998.
  5. He's only 60 though. Of course the game has changed, but tactics were a thing when he was playing. It's not like he came up in 1880.
  6. Rafa made many of the same players very difficult to beat.
  7. God damn. Your pundits make Stephen A. Smith look half decent. And that's saying something.
  8. Indeed. This idea of bringing in managers with experience in relegation fights is so fatally flawed, not least because of the fucking obvious fact that they have experience with relegation fights because they are generally dog shit at their jobs. Punditry requires the least qualifications of any job. My old VP's at Cypress Semiconductor with their "don't reinvent the wheel" horse shit were Kierkegaard compared to these platitudinous fuckwits.
  9. What the fuck does proper football man even mean? Just another utterly meaningless phrase.
  10. It's a really bad refection on them if they consider this petty dipshit a mate.
  11. This is a conspiracy. How is it dignified to constantly complain about Rafa, blame everyone for your faults, and have digs at the press? Has the definition of dignity changed in the last few weeks? How the fuck did this petulant idiot convince anyone that he has dignity? This is a true damning indictment of an Idiocracy civilization.
  12. I'd rather watch the fucking Dodgers beat the Giants in the 9th over and over than this shit. And I'm a Giants fan.
  13. I'm sorry. I don't buy it. You really can't get any worse than what he has done. Practice cones would show more acumen. First step needs to be see this fucker out.
  14. Our shape resembles the manager, a fucking formless mass.
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