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    Steve Bruce

    Jamie O’Hara is easily the worst pundit out there. He lacks basic knowledge about the game.
  2. Conor Benn is out with Covid. I think the fight was going to be a walkover anyway.
  3. Kimbo

    Tokyo 2020

    It must be weird competing in a sport that hardly anyone watches, then suddenly you’re one of America’s biggest stars for a few weeks every 4 years. I’m not saying she’s not a big name, but hardly anyone is watching or following gymnastics results when the Olympics aren’t on.
  4. Kimbo

    Tokyo 2020

    Amateur boxing makes professional boxing look clean, so they probably still fancy their chances.
  5. I found Tony’s dream episodes better on rewatches.
  6. Kimbo


    What cultural reasons are there to not have a vaccine? I can see this issue becoming bigger in the future when uptake is low for booster shots. Right now I agree it seems a bit overblown.
  7. I watched 2 episodes of Black Summer and none of it made sense. It’s the early stages of a zombie apocalypse but there are hardly any guns or functioning cars, and the characters just seemed to be running and driving (and screaming) endlessly around the same housing estate. One guy claims to know the area because he lives there, while simultaneously needing a Chinese woman that doesn’t speak English to read a map for him.
  8. Agreed. Unless he's been releasing footage of himself looking bad on purpose to trick Thor, he's learnt nothing during his training. It's no wonder he's got injured the way he throws punches.
  9. Is the fart real or has it been dubbed in? Utter filth if it’s legit.
  10. Kimbo

    Tokyo 2020

    Audley Harrison winning our first super heavyweight gold in 2000. We knew at the time it was only the start of something very special, he was the heir to Lennox and would extend the glorious period of British heavyweight supremacy until another young Lion emerged to take his place.
  11. Another blow for the sport.
  12. I bet it helps that his amazing brother has fucked off and everyone has forgotten about him.
  13. It might be shit to watch but he would be wise to clinch and push his opponents around more. He could use his strengths more than he is doing.
  14. British stoppage. Joe Is a UNIT though.
  15. Kimbo


    It looks like we’re still doing a lot of tests compared to other countries.
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