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  1. It should improve the squad and give us a better option than Murphy, but ASM should be pretty embarrassed if he can’t nail down a first team place with this competition.
  2. Horrible defending and poor keeping.
  3. Not a freekick. The ref is having a shitter.
  4. Handball? They’re having a fucking laugh
  5. Wtf, I don’t understand what they’ve disallowed it for.
  6. I’d like to see Avatar win best picture.
  7. See him as a Murphy replacement and this becomes far more palatable.
  8. Kimbo


    I’m not sure who the audience is for his exhibitions at this point, they seem to pass by without much comment or interest.
  9. Nice dig from Neville for our “approach” at Arsenal compared with Man U’s.
  10. The term freshman has always amused me, it’s dangerously close to freshmeat.
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