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  1. Any manager that doesn’t have enough confidence in his ability to turn this season around wouldn’t be worth hiring. It’s not like we’re cut adrift at the bottom yet. I don’t buy this narrative that the job is unattractive, there’s a huge and rare opportunity here for someone to build something significant.
  2. RE Midnight Mass. It's worth watching, I'd give it an 8/10.
  3. Kimbo

    Steve Bruce

    If we become a successful club Kieron Dyer will try to worm his way into the role of representing us as a pundit, like Trevor Sinclair has done with Man City. He can fuck right off.
  4. Kimbo

    Steve Bruce

    Commentator called him “a proper football man”.
  5. Kimbo

    Steve Bruce

    He’s just waiting for his pay off while basking in his victim status, patting himself on the back for his “resilience”. Give him his money and don’t let him spend another minute around the players.
  6. I’m pretty sure they removed decimal points to make it look better as well.
  7. Just watched Mikey Garcia lose to handpicked Sandor Martin. Garcia loves sticking his fist in the air after losing a round, IIRC he was doing it against Spence as well. I’ve always found Garcia overhyped, he seems to be good at most things but exceptional at nothing, and he has bounced around weight divisions picking up titles without getting big wins. The Sky card was poor outside of the Marshall fight. I thought Eubank looked poor and basically just looked like an athletic guy doing a shit Roy Jones impression, and Hughie is Hughie, he’s decent but dull and will lose at world lev
  8. Savannah Marshall is easily the best female fighter to watch IMO.
  9. Kimbo

    Steve Bruce

    I don’t really mind pundits saying dumb shit, my problem is with presenters not questioning their opinions. If someone says “Steve Bruce has done a fantastic job” like that Dawson guy just did, how do you not have a follow question to that?
  10. That’s the best realistic shortlist IMO. I’d be happy with any of them.
  11. We’re seen as a care home for English dinosaurs or a prep school for future English dinosaurs like Lamps and Stevie G.
  12. I do wish people would at least wait until we know who did it before barging in with their agendas. They only have to wait a day or so.
  13. Someone stabbed a Tory MP around 10 years ago at his office as well, and of course there was Jo Cox. I don’t know if this is really a sign things are getting worse or if it’s an occupational hazard that has always been there.
  14. Sky are having an absolute shitter.
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