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  1. NEEJ

    Newcastle restaurants

    Pine was absolutely class when I went last year, like. English wine pairings were good n'all. Not cheap though! Haven't been lucky enough to get to Hjem yet.
  2. NEEJ

    Nick Pope

    15 hours+ Wild.
  3. NEEJ

    Jacob Murphy

    It's the cheek of the shithousery that was funny. Giving it the big licks like he's a world cup winner.
  4. NEEJ

    Nick Pope

    He's absolutely massive. Genuinely reckon he's a terrifying sight in orange for any attacker facing him one-on-one.
  5. NEEJ

    Dogawful Officiating

    Absolutely wasn't, like.
  6. NEEJ


    If you don't go to Starita you will regret it. Even the Naples 'chain' pizza places are off the scale.
  7. NEEJ

    Nick Pope

    I'd like this incorporated on a flag plz @Heron In all seriousness, I hope Wor Flags have him in mind for an upcoming display, because his achievements so far this season are nothing short of phenomenal.
  8. Crazy return on him if we get it. Good luck to him. Hopefully it means we're confident we've got one incoming.
  9. Hopey's obviously been lurking.
  10. Noticed the PL theme being off (the concept is a pile of steaming turd either way) and the La Bamba airing. Also Freed From Desire to pump the Fulham fans up pre-match. I've a suspicion he re-read the first few birthdays after the half-time entertainment n'all. Better or worse than shite poetry?
  11. NEEJ

    Alexander Isak

    They played 12 minutes together against Leicester, which is admittedly not a lot.
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