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  1. Wasn't that a hidden track or something you had to unlock?
  2. NEEJ


    Areet, Colin Robinson.
  3. NEEJ


    I knew it would be tough, even from a quick glance at the course profile it was obvious that it would be a grim end, but it was horrible. I've walked bits and pieces of that route through town plenty of times over the years and never appreciated how it all goes uphill.
  4. NEEJ


    It was my third yesterday. I knocked 11 minutes off my PB and came in at 1:44. Well chuffed. I'm a bit sore but I've been in worse states so I'll take it. I thought the organisation was spot on and the start was such a more effective way to do it - a constant stream of starters rather than everyone on the motorway at once. The end of the route was absolutely brutal mind. It was just one continuous slow incline through town. Hopefully they stick to their commitment to South Shields next year because I do enjoy finishing at the coast but I really hope they're able to ut
  5. NEEJ


    Where's the next (first ) win coming from? We're absolutely buggered and it's all self-inflicted. Again. We're the most pointless team in the league.
  6. NEEJ

    Steve Bruce

    Aye, it was absolutely class seeing him get so much stick at SJP. He stopped getting up from his chair at one point he was so taken aback by it all.
  7. What a bunch of whoppers they are on that Everton forum. Needlessly hostile.
  8. Ridiculous. I think it's nice, but it's utterly pointless when you consider the above shirts we've had recently. I suppose it's bit like the club in general though, so it's actually very fitting.
  9. It's so impressive what they're able to do. Ours has been on caged rest for the past 8 weeks after breaking his humerus. He'll likely be an indoor cat for the rest of his days now as he'll never regain full mobility, but they managed to save the leg after what they said was pretty bad break. Would've been £4,000 without our insurance paying out.
  10. We're fucked if it restricts his ability to dictate play from the toes of the centre-halves. What if it takes away his exquisite range of passing? I don't think I could cope. Sending thoughts and prayers to Jonjo.
  11. I'd say beans (refried are best imo), rice, your filling of choice (chilli or similar), lettuce, salsa, sour cream and you're winning.
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