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  1. Perhaps we could stimulate retail income by freshening up the club strip. Some primary colours perhaps? I predict our next away strip will be red and blue stripes.
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2049920/Alan-Pardew-continues-inspire-Newcastle--Martin-Samuel.html#ixzz1b2MjbccD Martin Samuel in Daily Mail today being positive for a change The noisy 50,000 urge Pardew to go fourth and believe as Newcastle continue to surprise By Martin Samuel Last updated at 11:38 PM on 16th October 2011 Several clubs ago, when he was last a Premier League manager, Alan Pardew had a colour chart with the names of the 19 other clubs on the changing room wall. He divided them into three categories. There were the ones that had to be beate
  3. I'd imagine so yes. Why would it have to be removed? More publicity for SD surely.
  4. How long before we change from black & white to blue & red stripes?
  5. dustynrg

    Alan Pardew

    This just confirms my view that he's in with all the tricks, lies and bull. It also fits in with Golfmag's assertion about keeping down the wage bill. Lots of lovely jubbly bonus money which can be used to pay off a few debts. Allegedly.
  6. So you're saying football fans shouldn't drink before they go to a match then? That would be novel.
  7. from what i've read the police made the situation a hell of a lot worse, i'm not just talking about not stopping people coming in, but about refusing ambulances to enter the ground and doing nothing to help while people were being killed. Not only did nothing, but stood en masse at the halfway line because they thought it was a pitch invasion. Some police even pushed people back in to stop a pitch invasion. They realised too late that it wasn't but by then it was too late.
  8. No chance he'll walk. He sold his soul ages ago. The cynic in me says he and Llambias probably had a meeting to thrash out the PR. "How we gonna get around the fans then Dekka when we buy no-one?" "ooh Al just pretend you're REALLY mad with me and Mike, - they'll fall for that - Christ, they might even feel sorry for ya!!!".
  9. dustynrg

    Kevin Nolan

    The way he writes that article it's as if Nolan turned into Messi overnight. And the big club argument, yawn yawn. Who cares, we support Newcastle and would support Newcastle whatever. Just wait until they're playing Big Sam football and Nolan's huffin and puffin up and down the pitch. I'm looking forward to it.
  10. Tweets from Piers Morgan to Michael Owen @themichaelowen Did your horse actually run? Or did it get a winner's medal just by turning up in the paddock like its owner? 43 minutes ago And by the way @themichaelowen - which was the supposedly 'poor team'? Newcastle, Liverpool or Real Madrid? 45 minutes ago @themichaelowen Oops. Hit that late night raw nerve again, Benchwarmer? Calm down, you've got that angelic halo to protect.... 50 minutes ago
  11. Thank feck for that, no longer will we have to listen to how "Scholesy" can't tackle, chuckle chuckle, how fab he is, how even his gingerness is a thing of wonder.
  12. dustynrg

    Players in public

    Working toward a sale and "sell if someone came in with the right price " is a bit different though. If he is planning to sell (which a businessman like him would do, not just hang around hoping a buyer turns up) he won't trash the club - why trash something you want to sell - but he won't be arsed about selling our favourite players like Tiote, Enrique etc as long as we have competent enough, young, cheap players to replace them. It all depends on the time frame he's given Pardew but if decent bids come in for any of our players in the summer don't think for a minute they won't be sold. The q
  13. dustynrg

    Players in public

    Isn't this what Golfmag said when Pardew was appointed? That Pardew was given the job because he owes Llambias casino debts with a remit to maximise sales, keep wages down and get the club in a better financial state so Ashley can sell it? Seeing that Golfmag has been proved right on a few occasions it makes sense to me.
  14. "A left winger, wonder if that means Jonas is going on the right?"
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