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  1. Watched AEW yesterday and kind of found it a bit hard to follow. Feel like if you miss a week, you can become lost. Basically casual viewers like me are fucked.
  2. Nice! Watching the sneak peek right now. Looking forward to hearing about the Jerry McDevitt, a name I've heard a ton on shoot interviews and such. Really happy they've got Stone Cold on as well.
  3. Not sure Atletico was the right club for him. Him and Lemar are not suited to that style of play IMO.
  4. Onyewu with us. Thought it was in 2010 but apparently it was back in 2007.
  5. Talks of Sabitzer to Bayern. Just my personal view, think he’s a good player but could see him lost in the pack at Bayern.
  6. Saiss knows his team are a goal down, right?
  7. What’s wrong with the Pogba challenge on Neves? Looks absolutely fine.
  8. thought it was too early for him. Remember him playing well in the Carabao and Europa League but looked out of his depth in the PL.
  9. Everyone scoring goals but us. Arsenal 6-0 Saints 7-0
  10. Pardew using Cabaye’s departure as a scapegoat all the way till the day he left us.
  11. Is Fofana slow? Thought he looks a real Rolls Royce of a defender.
  12. Astroblack

    Joe Willock

    Gonna savour every moment he’s with us, he’s destined for big things.
  13. What a goal from Ravel Morrison 3-3 heading to pens, no et - 6 mins left.
  14. They're not the worst transfers ever paid but always thought Man City's early business after their takeover was poor. Benjani, Santa Cruz, Bianchi, Jo(18 mil), Wayne Bridge(10 mil).
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