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    Stand-up comedy

    I did two sets of stand up last week. It was easy as piss. I wasn’t scared about my jokes because I know theyre funny and audience agreed. One of them got the crowd off the seat cheering. I was taken aback but stayed composed and finished the joke. not sure I’ll do it again. I thought there'd be a sort of community but its pretty much dog eat dog. Heres one of my jokes. Its intend is exactly what I’m aiming for. Quick fire shit that makes doesnt give you introspective thoughts. “people are buying candles nowadays? Ever hear of a light switch? 15 of those and full set it born. i kind of want to bomb intentionally and see if a different avenue of life appears.
  2. Astroblack


    Are these Italian players that good? Our players are better man to man.
  3. Astroblack


    Grealish needs to leave City and go to a club where he can be the star of the show again.
  4. Astroblack


    Interesting team. I’m looking forward to seeing how they play.
  5. No clue. They're doing really well in the Conference League, too.
  6. Is Anthony Gordon a ‘passion merchant’ or is he technically sound? There’s this Youtube fella named Rants who calls all English players passion merchants and it really annoys me. Anytime I’ve seen him, he looks a livewire.
  7. Distinctly remember that game. Nani scored and was the best player for Man U on the day. and Kobe, Jordan and Lebron all participated in a dunk contest at one point or another during their careers. I think they all won, too. No one is bigger a cross bar challenge. i’d have an all star weekend to open up the Premier League. Give it some pomp and circumstance. Saturday - Skill, shooting contests, Sunday - all star game played between the best 32 player's from the previous season or chosen by coaches across the league. The build up and opening to the PL is kind of anti climactic. It’s kind of like “It’s here, remember the Premier League? Well it’s back” unless you’ve been reading the gossip and keeping tabs on player moves, you’re kind of out of the loop and league is a mystery. I wouldn’t mind a teaser. Why not have a little display on what could be up for offer the coming season?
  8. he’s brilliant. Most insightful person in football IMO.
  9. no, just saying he a really soft spoken commentary voice.
  10. They are. It’s light hearted competition. An exhibition like when they race F1 cars against super cars first day of the season.
  11. Haven’t heard a word Carragher has spoken all night. Can barely hear him.
  12. I’d still sack Gerrard after this performance.
  13. All Star game sounds great. Crossbar Challenge, free kick contest, and all star game sounds way better than the charity shield. Look how much fun the players are having here.
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