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  1. 2019-2020 Edition. Schar for me.
  2. I thought he did ok, especially with his lack of game time.
  3. Here we go again. I am going to go for Perez, think this will be his season.
  4. Bump. Going back through the thread was interesting. Maybe a poll was needed.
  5. I am delighted to have Rafa as manager, our best since Sir Bobby (I know that isn't too much of a statement). But....... I understand the way that he has the team set up, to control games and to see them through when we are winning, but, boy we are shite to watch. I have only enjoyed one performance this season, and that was v Birmingham. Not one other game have I left the ground thinking 'fucking hell, what a good game of football!', not one! Yes, we have played canny, but I was fortunate enough to be a season ticket holder in the Keegan days, when we were in the second tier, and we were f
  6. I would be willing to put money on it
  7. By fuck, the refereeing/linesmaning in this league is bad mind! I thought that last night was amongst the worst seen here for a long time. But I suppose he did give us 6 minutes stoppage though......
  8. Just reading back through this thread, and the amount of people posting 'GOUFF!!!' for the third goal when others were already posting about the 4th, they must have been trying to press 'post' when 'warning, there are other replies to this thread' came up, must have been frustrating :D
  9. MyPalAl

    Players in public

    Not enough love for this
  10. Lee Charnley, went to Spain In a Dae-woo Matiz, He brought us back a manager, He's Ra-fa Benitez. (Been watching the Derby-Villa game, Villa singing their version all the time. Took ages to find a car that rhymes with Benitez)
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