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  1. olliemort


    Seems to get better with each game, monster for us in midfield . Good for us he's not going to the world cup, seems to always be carrying a niggle
  2. Force yourself ...plenty of people who would give there a left ball for a ticket, why dont you do that instead
  3. How many players were we missing again and not fully match fit...works both ways. Wouldn't say worked in our way with that red..it was a horrendous tackle. Should enjoy the win and performance, doesn't mean we think we will be top 4
  4. Nice to watch a stress free NUFC game for once
  5. Wonder is it possible to get the white shirt without the sponsor
  6. Dont think hes better than enrique in his latter NUFC days tbf
  7. This lad plays 2 miles from my house and my mate teaches him, said hes very good. I must go for a look some evening
  8. Jesus i stuck up for dubrakva before but hes clearly a liabilty now. Makes me nervous as fuck on crosses and his postioning for the goal was horrendous. Pity we dont have anyone else capable
  9. clearly looking for the bait
  10. Wood isnt that bad, did you see his play for the first goal??
  11. Not a huge fan of Morata personally, he was playing for teams higher up the table and didnt really bang them in. Hopefully we get Zapata, i think he would be better suited
  12. olliemort

    Chris Wood

    Similar to Wilson, basically they are outnumbered..we dont get players up quick enough. He laid off one or two balls edge of the box nicely as well, hes fine for now but would be better to have someone up there with some speed to turn the cb
  13. olliemort

    Chris Wood

    Granted hes slow as fuck but that was a decent display yesterday, i cant believe the flak hes getting on here, dont care he cost 25million.
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