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  1. One of my earliest memories is of my old man going to see Meat Loaf at the City Hall in 1983 and him bringing me back a pin badge from the gig. I fucking loved it. Wasn't that arsed about his music when my dad played it though, I preferred Dire Straits.
  2. For Xmas 1983 I got both an AT-AT and a Millennium Falcon to add to my rapidly expanding Star Wars collection. There's a picture of me sat next to them in my minging Xmas jumper looking happier than a dog with two dicks. Every Xmas since then has been a total fucking disappointment.
  3. Most people who can juggle are smug twats so I for one APPROVE of the juggling ban
  4. I might still keep my peepers on that one that's going to Seville. If it heads this way later then the pilot will need to divert to Tees Valley because the runway at Newcastle will be covered in huge puddles of my sticky jizz
  5. Better to have spotted and lost, than never to have spotted at all.
  6. Ah well. Someone' given me duff info that it was the same plane. There is a different Embraer Phenom 300, flight NJE771Y from London (Luton) to Seville today but obviously it's not the same jet Trips was on. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/cs-phq
  7. I've been told NJE771Y is going from London to Seville today at 4.15. Apparently it's the jet Trippier used. I don't know how to look at planned flights, just flights in the air. But there are some creeps on here who can do that. Be good if one of those deviants can check if the info is legit.
  8. Come on planeverts, time to get spotting. Have seen some evidence that the private jet that dropped Trippier off is booked for a trip to Seville today.....
  9. And if the exciting links do happen then the threads will be stuck to the top of the front page by massive dollops of creamy jizz
  10. We were a red light district street prozzie turning tricks and we're transforming into a high class hooker who can attract wealthy corporate financier clients. Currently the designer shops aren't keen to sell us nice new clothes, but that'll soon change.
  11. I still have PTSD flashbacks about the moment I first read Sibierksi was signing. I'm starting to whitey right now just thinking about that night in August 2006.
  12. In my opinion we should only be buying players that will help us avoid relegation. Fuck everything else right now as it's a waste of resources (time, people and money) during a short and difficult window. If we don't get relegated then we can enjoy having some wealth and chasing the most exciting prospects in Europe in the summer and beyond.
  13. If Burnley or Norwich or Watford were looking to spend £30m on an unproven player that couldn't play for them this season we would be pissing in our knickers laughing at their stupidity. No point blowing our beans buying European kids for the future, when currently our trajectory means a future in the 2nd tier. We need people who can contribute right now, otherwise we're gannin doon.
  14. And some basic football skills wouldn't go amiss, most of our squad struggle just to control a ball.
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