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    Stag Ideas

    Liverpool. That means the only option is to dress him up as Purple Aki
  2. Bumping this cos it’s fucking magnificent
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    The vast majority of people have a little electronic device they carry round with them all the time that tracks every aspect of their lives. It knows everything about them. It allows people to covertly learn far more about you than an ID card ever will.
  4. how was wor geoff’s first doo ? looks like a canny concept for a club night, but if I went out dancing until 5am at my time of life I’d need a month to recover
  5. bobbydazzla

    Who's ill?

    Might be covid ? Everyone I know who’s tested positive recently has had torrents of putrid rusty water flowing out their arseholes for a couple of days
  6. bobbydazzla


    Was in town at lunchtime, so many stag doo’s and big groups out on the peeve.
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    Society is filled with restrictions and different versions of authority telling you what you can and can't do. That's life. Humanity isn't a rule free utopia where we all dance around like pixies on cowies doing whatever the fuck we want without consequence.
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    Just an additional point that’s worth keeping in mind, hospitalisation doesn’t always means life threatening respiratory disease. My lasses mate ended up in hospital because having covid made her spew loads and she got dehydrated. They got some liquids into her then sent her home.
  9. Just found out Cindy Beale off Eastenders is 59 these days. I’d still blow my beans in under 30 seconds if I ever got to scuttle her. She’s so lush.
  10. bobbydazzla


    Based on the same number of infections during the winter wave we had approximately 15x the number of deaths. The vaccines work. Whether a vaccine resistant mutant strain evolves because of Johnson allowing the population to get riddled with delta is another matter though.
  11. bobbydazzla


    We’re absolutely riddled with it. Totally dominating the charts. Top dogs by a mile. What a bunch of grubby little fuckers we are up here.
  12. If these are serious allegations then presumably the data files for each rider will be investigated too, check out their power, speed, heart rate etc and look for anomalies which signal that a hidden engine had been started up
  13. 4 different teams using an array of different components from an array of different manufacturers, but they’ve all got an undetectable secret weapon hidden on their bikes. Given how mucky cycling has been I wouldn’t rule anything out when it comes to cheating, but this one does seem a bit far fetched to be plausible.
  14. bobbydazzla

    The Weather

    I proper love this weather. I’m like a lizard. Fuck the cold, fuck the rain, fuck the pitch black winter, fuck the depressing grey skies, fuck it all. Give me 30 degrees and clear blue skies every single day of my life.
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