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  1. Need to focus on getting out of the league anyway.
  2. I was going to jump in to defend you, because I see what you’re getting at and I think you’re totally right that there should be more parity between all of the Newcastle fans having a crack at tickets, but I don’t want to put my head above the trench.
  3. didn’t put the reference together. That’s inspired.
  4. This thread is going to be wild to wake up to tomorrow morning. Godspeed to y’all.
  5. cubaricho

    Members’ pets

    Being a cute little fucker this morning
  6. Everyone talking about Leo’s new GF and I was like whatever and then I saw this and it makes it feel super super fucked up.
  7. Strawberry Place should become part of the supporters park that will be where SJP currently stands, after we move into a new world class ground up on Leazes Park. Coming up out of the Metro into a park instead of a bunch of concrete will be awesome.
  8. I find us to be on an island here, really, when compared to other ways to digest NUFC. Overall we’re level leaded and have a good discussion on here, which is why I have personally stuck around for so long. I’ve had to leave Facebook groups because they borderline on 1) completely ill informed, 2) wild conspiracists, 3) just terrible terrible takes on things. I can’t even go on Twitter to check anything because I feel like it’ll be full of Keiths and Burnsies.
  9. To be fair, they were almost exclusively married men.
  10. I have an ex that is a “financial dom” which was always quite funny. We’d go out to a pretty expensive dinner and drinks and she would say “just hold on a sec” and would message one of her “clients” that had been messaging her that day and tell them that they were worthless and not worth talking to and that she was out to dinner with her boyfriend so if they really wanted to talk to her they had to pay her [insert cost of meal here]. They would do it every time and she’d take care of the dinner/drinks/hotel whatever it was at the time. I fucking loved it.
  11. I highly highly recommend watching Stutz, the documentary Jonah Hill did about his therapy/therapist Phil Stutz.
  12. Has to be one of the greatest ever PL moments, right? And you can't take that away.
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