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  1. Lord have mercy what a hit
  2. Needs to be more like how the NFL does replays; you go with the call on the field and the replay footage has to be clear and unquestionable to overturn the call. So pretty much whatever the call was on the field takes precedent and has to be proven wrong.
  3. A literal toe offside. That's ridiculous. You gotta count that goal.
  4. Just beat the unwashed 2-0.
  5. Right? It sucked but clearly wasn't intentional. Shit happens when you're playing a contact sport.
  6. Not even looking at Tomiyasu to be honest.
  7. Commentator on this match over here. Just don't like him.
  8. Would love for Everton to be up 1-0 at the 27 minutes to see if they'll protest while winning. And then let in two or three goals in the 80th minutes.
  9. cubaricho

    New forum stuff

    Any way at all to get the 100 post threshold to start a new topic back? Been some ridiculous threads.
  10. Gave 'em a listen 'cause I was curious. Not too bad, if a bit too poppy and "anthemic" at times. What's his accent? Are they mancs? Also what the fuck is with people on other people's shoulders in all of the live shows? Is that a British thing? Can't be fucking having that at a show, man.
  11. Getting “investigated” the German FA
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