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  1. One highlight was all anyone needed to look at to see it wasn’t a pen
  2. Sterling has been one of your best players.
  3. Love that it’s pissing down. Sets up the background of a possible classic.
  4. Not a super easy chance but at this level you gotta put that away.
  5. Yeah? Gimme them sweet facts baby. (And this comes from someone who thinks this is happening)
  6. Oooof. I'd start with not playing that game ever, ever again. And I second the sentiment of just going with what feels right. If she doesn't want you to kiss her she'll make that abundantly clear and she'll make it clear if she wants to go further too, but don't get wrapped up in trying to interpret signals - just trust your gut. You'll get there dude.
  7. At least manor park only ever posts in one thread on the forum. I'd literally hate to see his take on this. Probably would be as bad as Kaiz's.
  8. Yeah, not even going to touch that one.
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