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    Tantalizing and engaging content from wor Nees there.
  2. Raiders, Bengals, Vikings
  3. I’ll lie and say I didn’t.
  4. Had no idea Nees was so...geordie.
  5. Surprised to see this track in here, but it is a good song, to be fair. Brings a nice fresh angle to your run of the mill female country tracks.
  6. Had to give Dirty Work a viewing last night after the Norm news. Forgot how hilarious it was.
  7. Fucking hell that's absolutely incredible. I love that it takes until the "for the birds" joke for it to really sink in with the crowd.
  8. "Pretty good, pretty good"
  9. Totally forgot the gay kid episode is the Michael J Fox episode too.
  10. Ah man that's a fucking bummer dude.
  11. Totally fine dude, and very common if you work in a kitchen.
  12. I'll take it. The only good thing about the Raiders win last night.
  13. This is what I was talking about when I mentioned that if he wasn’t so concerned with putting on a show by celebrating he would’ve had an interception. Ridiculously amateur for a professional football player.
  14. Now every team in the AFC West a winner this week too.
  15. From a half a yard out after it being called a touchdown to this. Wild.
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