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  1. Not a patch on the weyerside wizards, marra
  2. Howay Murphy, instrumental in our winner against Fulham!
  3. Bruno's not right is he? We really need a decent back up like
  4. Naa, we've been fine, absolutely dominated the game - keep it like this, the goals will come.
  5. Yesss, Geordie Boot Boys drowning out yet another woah woah song
  6. Loudhailers, drums and every song goes "woah woah woah" - no thanks.
  7. One of my pet hates there - the director went into close up on Willock as he receives the ball, so the viewer hasn't got a clue that Miggy was at the far post.
  8. Howay lads, smash these small time fuckers - hoping we don't hear any wanky goal music.
  9. Well what an absolute pile of shite that was. Two teams rightfully wallowing in mid table.
  10. As long as he gave him a reach-around, what's the problem?
  11. Another smart finish from Gnonto. Leeds cruising now 3-0. Now that we're out, wouldn't mind them winning it.
  12. Kid looks like a cracking prospect. Too small (same height as Messi), for the rough and tumble of the English game, though
  13. Aye, canny strike, poor goalkeeping mind, yards off his line
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