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  1. Yep. Haven't seen him in a few years, but think he's still taxiing - works for the same firm as my cousin.
  2. I went to school with the daft cunt
  3. bigfella


    Well it was an entertaining finish...and a win... just.
  4. They released it as a single, got to number 70 or something like that. I remember seeing a group of their dozy looking fans, all wearing shades (just like real pop stars ) singing it on Look North.
  5. Also "Peter Reid eats bananas with his feet"
  6. Ours came first. The makems copied it, as they do with all their chants.
  7. bigfella


    It's all about the difference between a modern, inclusive, welcoming city, renowned for being a place to have a good time and a depressing hellhole of a backwater, the population stuck with the worst attitudes of the '70s and '80s.
  8. bigfella


    What a run out from Topley.
  9. bigfella


    Competitive total. Could be a decent, entertaining finish.
  10. bigfella


    All you can do is laugh
  11. Talkshite previous to their game was full of Everton fans wanting either Duncan Ferguson or Wayne Rooney to get the job, with no justification other than "they know the club", they "bleed blue" or they "are one of us". The presenters were absolutely loving it as well, imagine all the "deluded fans" comments they'd be peddling if it was our fans. I really hope they do appoint one of them and they go into free fall.
  12. But, but Gary Lineker...
  13. Just showed the flag display in Soccer Saturday. Looks fantastic and got lots of appreciation from Jeff and the panel.
  14. I've mulled over this sort of idea for some time now. There's loads of impressive people who work in the arts and sport who are left-leaning, so why not fast track them into safe constituencies. The ordinary man in the street would vote for them and as long as they were genuinely bright and progressive, the more politically aware would vote for them too. Can't be worse than some of the intellectual pygmies we are asked to vote for these days. - I'd vote for the likes of Michael Sheen over my current MP any day.
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