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  1. Not a chance she’ll let him go, she’s likes it going in dry
  2. It’s no better than Fox. Unfortunately he owns a few few of our ‘newspapers’ as well. Sky news is on Foxtel (Sky) here, but they make it free to the regions for obvious reasons Also, Rupert tries here but he’s far less influential than he is in the UK and US
  3. It’s literally a rewriting of history in front of us
  4. For a brief moment I thought this would be good for the countries tourism but it’s fucking nauseating now. It’s shown the whole lot of them up for the cunts they are. They should be tourist attractions, nothing more
  5. This. No need for the moans, get behind the team
  6. Shearer spot on about the fans moaning at half time
  7. We’re another 3-4 Bruno level players away from top 7 watching this
  8. They’ve been filling in the potholes in the road in Cardiff apparently. Which says everything you need to know about the country
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