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  1. Ashley is a cunt. That much is obvious. But I can't belief a man of Rafa's quality and integrity could stomach a shower of shit performance like that. That crap last night was heartless from players all the way up and as a club the lot of them Rafa included should be ashamed. Absolute dicks all of them
  2. AfroP

    Comic book stuff

    Starfire?! Just nope. For that alone it looks more rubbish than Inhumans
  3. AfroP

    Films in the pipeline

    The rock totally saved the fast and furious franchise. Can see why him and Statham got a stand-alone spinoff
  4. AfroP

    Star Wars

    It's cool, the still have John Boyega to tick the equality box
  5. AfroP

    Films in the pipeline

    You're really missing out! Jumanji was actually pretty good. Decent dumb entertainment. Still need to see rampage. But Rock has made some decent films. Did one a few years back called Faster which was decent. And he made the fast and furious films worth watching
  6. AfroP

    Star Wars

    Marvel has always had wakanda. A strong nation of black folk. Lando was for a long time the only black dude in star wars. Is he all of a sudden going to be a planet of black folk? Cause that's racist as fuck
  7. Solo : a star wars story Enjoyed the film for the most part. The bloke playing solo is not Han The peripheral characters made the film for me. Lando was spot on, and woody harrelson can do no wrong. Good popcorn flick and decent heist film set in a familiar galaxy
  8. Atomic Blonde. Really enjoyed it. Theron is a certified babe. Deadpool 2 Fuckin loved it. Don't think it was as funny as the first. But still good
  9. AfroP

    The Shoe Council

    Yup. They are nice them
  10. Anybody picked up warmind? It's decent. Expands on Rasputin a bit more. And is better imho than the first expansion. But some crazy decision making. Heroic strikes are absolutely nails now! 350light recommended and 3 modifiers that switch weekly/daily. Heroics strikes are like nightfalls now. Not tried the 360ll nightfall prestige mode yet.
  11. AfroP

    Films in the pipeline

    looks canny that
  12. AfroP


    The lesnar match was garbage they need to just stop with the roman reigns bore fest. the bloke has 2 moves. a shit punch and a rubbish spear. takers hair piece was almost as funny as the titus trip. there was a bit where you could see it was lifting and the camera man quickly crouched down to get the upshot instead
  13. AfroP

    Lush lasses (PNSFW)

    Never did it on camera. thats more drugs and alcohol than getting your coot coot and poop chute smashed
  14. AfroP

    Comic book stuff

    Infinity war is simply superb. The mere fact that it ties up so many films and has so many characters but never feels bloated, is an achievement on its own
  15. AfroP

    Films in the pipeline

    Deadpool looks awesome
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