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  1. Small things which would be such notable and immediate improvements to the stadium and the match day experience: - Return the lettering on the East Stand from the italicised letters which are almost illegible back to the roman (upright) letters with proper kerning between letters. - Lose whatever version of Blaydon Races they're playing in the stadium these days and return to the original they used to play. Current version is a mess. What's with those drums? Another thing which somewhat dampens the build up is the Premier League music. I'm guessing that it's a requirement to have i
  2. I couldn’t stop myself from buying a ticket this morning for this game. My head initially decided against it and I closed the browser, but my heart had other ideas and just 10 minutes later I found myself once again sat staring at the stadium plan on the ticketing section of the website. East Stand, Block L. The same area as when I last set foot in St James’ Park under Rafa. And I’ll go not necessarily concerned with the football match itself, but to witness, participate and connect with the transcendence of a long-neglected, subdued and divided fanbase finally lift their voices in harmon
  3. I am not excusing it, rather taking it for the gravity it warrants to attempt to look beyond the physical situation, so stark and obvious to us all as terrible - to what causes our people to become so disconnected that they commit such acts to themselves and to others. To say 'well he had a house, a set of weights and a good computer' is exactly a symptom of the issue I see as being something like a spiritual void in a world which judges its fellow man not on what he has inside of his heart but what he has in his hand. Yes, of course his actions in this situation are something like evil, monst
  4. Very sad. Perhaps sadder still is that it’s not the first happening of its kind and it won’t be the last. The simple fact is that there’s millions of people who similarly to him feel like they have no stake in society, who feel marginalised and maligned. Yet I see little being done to address these issues in a serious and genuine manner, not by slinging around insults of hollow political association but with love for our fellow man beyond belief systems and our cherished attitudes and opinions. This guy Jake very sadly represents the day-to-day experience of millions of others: maligned, repre
  5. Probably the finest back lane in Shields
  6. Missed focus on his face as I was at f1.7 but thought the dude looked great so still like the photo
  7. 6 days off man, plus refusing to speak to the players after the match Incredible scenes. It's getting to the point where I'm about to excuse Bruce entirely, he's clearly trying to get the sack and Charnley and Ashley are too dimwitted to see the the blatant self-sabotage and disregard of responsibility by their key staff member(s).
  8. That'll be the wrapper on the site. Not sure it's such a big issue imo, a lot of sites still have a max width and any monitor larger than say 26" with large resolution will be bigger than the site max width. Microsoft's site for instance has white space down either side due to the page wrapper, I think we can survive since most people use the forum on smaller devices anyway
  9. Dembele was fantastic yesterday. I loved his intent after having that goal (wrongly) disallowed, he was a man possessed for the next 10 minutes resulting in a quite wonderful run & goal. I'd sell Griezmann if anyone, Dembele is looking the part. Pedri, Puig, Ilaix, Trincao, Dest, Araujo, Fati, so much to be excited about with this team again.
  10. Barcelona were a joy to watch last night. They've a Guinean central midfielder, 18 year old, absolutely bossed Sociedad's midfield including Mikel Merino. Messi, Dest & Dembele were glorious. Still think Griezmann is out of his depth at Barca mind, looked a few levels beneath the rest.
  11. It's superb. It's a little bit 'Lana by Numbers' at times but I rate her that highly that I don't mind that at all. She does the Americana/Folk thing as good as anyone ever has imo. Dark But Just A Game, White Dress, Chemtrails, Let Me Love You like a Woman are highlights so far.
  12. They actually needed a striker and they signed one. We didn't bother with anything as normal as addressing any weaknesses. Be amazed if there’s not quotes from Bruce saying he was happy with the window. 'Delighted' would be the word used if so. Everything delights him, we could all learn from Steve. Infinitely Delighted would be his name on here.
  13. Just looked at our remaining fixtures and I think we'll reach 32 points and that's being generous.
  14. Think that's absolutely bang on. Wilson, Almiron and Saint-Maximin the only ones who have attributes that mean they will always look decent. The rest need help from the coach and they ain't been getting it for approaching 2 years. It's no wonder there's dressing room dissent.
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