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  1. Most ordinary matches I've attended feel more like a large group of individuals having separate experiences in a shared environment, lost in thought and their own observations of the events taking place on the pitch. However some games, like Arsenal last season, it felt like St James' was breathing as one collective body, that every person in the stadium was taken up out of themselves and became moving parts in something far greater. I think it's interesting to talk about particular circumstances of why that can happen, and certain things will be contributing factors; but my sense is that it's ultimately unknowable and is something that sweeps through the streets and terraces prior to and during the game like a powerful invisible tide that you can't help but be carried by. It's beautiful, and is the best thing about this sport in my opinion.
  2. Take care, @OpenC
  3. Download Radio Garden. It allows you to tune into virtually all radio stations on earth. Spin the globe to Arkhangelsk, Russia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia or the Arctic Outpost. Longyearbyen in Norway's Svalbard archipelago seemingly enjoy their melancholic jazz ballads. http://radio.garden/
  4. Nice! That's reassuring to hear along with a few things I read on forums yesterday of others who had wondered about that same high-rev noise, however it appears to be quite normal. I was convinced it was some issue with the car's transition between the electric motor and the regular engine. It's a very pleasant driving experience so far, almost too pleasant to the point of switching off... the automatic tilting of the mirrors when reversing are a highlight. Such a simple function yet so helpful, particularly for me being a new driver.
  5. Does anybody drive a hybrid, or more specifically a Hyundai Ioniq hybrid? I bought one a few weeks ago and there's so much to like about it (namely the 75+mpg), however I keep noticing a somewhat disconcerting noise of the engine revving quite highly. It of course doesn't propel the car forward, rather just the noise of a high rev for 3-4 seconds when driving at low speeds. My guess is that it's something to do with driving in electric mode, and the revs are preparing and warming the engine ready to transition over to fuel?
  6. I don't think Henderson is a bad goalkeeper but I'm glad we've steered clear of that transfer. In fact I'm a little bemused at some of the goalkeepers we've been linked with - none of which seem to me to represent substantial upgrades on Dubravka; who despite his occasional flaws and shortcomings is certainly up to the mark. The goalkeeper position would remain relatively far down the list of areas to address for us in my opinion.
  7. Deary deary England are dreary.
  8. Best goalkeeper in the game imo. I hear much about the imperiousness of Becker, but it's misplaced. In reality he's not fit to strap the velcro of Thibaut's gloves. Elite.
  9. To me it has to be deliberate; he moved towards the ball obviously with intention to challenge for it and it comes off his knee/thigh. They ought to look at that rule as that's a fair goal for Real Madrid there.
  10. Nonsense. Fabinho plays the ball.
  11. Benzema wasn't offside, the ball came off Fabinho. Liverpool lucky there.
  12. That is sensational from Courtois.
  13. Infinitely Content


    I visited both Georgia and Armenia last summer too and can confirm Armenian wine is superior (at least to my taste). Similarly to you, I was just in Yerevan with short trips out to the provinces, whereas this time I will only be in Yerevan for one day (the day of arrival) before heading straight out into the mountains. It's a really enchanting country, as is Georgia. Probably my favourite part of the world I've had the chance to visit so far.
  14. Infinitely Content


    Off to stay with some Armenian monks by Haghpat Monastery, one of the most beautiful examples of medieval ecclesiastic Armenian architecture next month. After which I'll find my way down from the mountains to seek out some babushka in a small village (likely named after some Russian Romantic poet) making natural pomegranate wine in the traditional method. After I encounter the Lord at the bottom of a glass or two I'll return home to see how many Brazilian virtuosos we've signed. No vaccine or PCR tests required either, COVID-19 is a forgotten word to these people, a true journey outside of time. Beautiful scenes.
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