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  1. My sister's work (a petrol station) is closed for three hours to allow staff to pay respects however it's bang in the middle of her (solo) shift and she has to stay there. As she put it, Queenie would surely approve of her being paid to play Candy Crush for three hours.
  2. Bloody awful scare that, glad she's ok HTT.
  3. I'm both saddened (more so than I would've thought actually) and fascinated at experiencing such a huge moment in history. She's been a respected and dignified part of the country, RIP Queen.
  4. Jill

    Members’ pets

    Wet food at roughly 6am and 5pm, dry food is just out for her to snack on when she wants it but she's not as keen on it.
  5. Jill

    Members’ pets

    Yep, every night. We never used to have her in the bedroom but since all the rooms are in use now it's her safe place so we relented.
  6. Sending you so much love. We're always here to listen. Don't ever be ashamed of your suffering, noone else has to live inside your head so they don't get a right to judge.
  7. Jill

    Members’ pets

    Welcome to the world of cats, everything will be on her terms but if you want a cuddle they'll fuck you off until they're good and ready.
  8. Jill

    Members’ pets

    It will probably take a little while for them to get used to each other, with them both being young but arriving separately it won't be clear cut who the boss is but they'll sort it out between themselves I expect. My friend fostered another cat (5ish) and had to keep them separate from her 1 year old brother kittens for a few weeks but once they got used to each other they became best friends and the older one would shepherd them round like a big brother.
  9. I've done the cold water thing and it helped.
  10. I've long wondered if I have autism or ADHD and those tests indicate I certainly have traits. The main things for me are noise sensitivity, which I'm really struggling with overnight at the moment meaning I'm permanently exhausted, a very rigorous routine and strong emotions when there's an upset to that, and being fidgety and unable to sit still. Cluttered brain too. But then I don't know if any of those are troublesome enough to do much about it. My partner has Aspergers and a close friend's son has quite severe autism and I see them and end up thinking I'm just a bit odd. I've found ways to exist that make life manageable, so I've never felt the need to pursue it. There have been some really moving and thought provoking posts in here recently so just a quick ending note to say I've read them all and I wish all of you all the best with the things that are troubling you. Hearing about genuine trauma puts it into perspective for me that many of the things I complain about really aren't that bad.
  11. Aye, had me best frock ready and everything.
  12. Plans that I was really having to psych myself up for anyway being cancelled by someone else.
  13. This has been my experience with the steps too. I find it fascinating learning how my mind works and how to go about life in a comfortable manner. I felt anger my whole childhood - a hot, burning rage that ran all through me and would explode outwards at seemingly the smallest thing. Once I learned that stemmed from absolute fear of everything around me and learned to process that fear it stopped building up inside me into anger. Acknowledging and accepting my feelings and talking about them openly with someone else has helped me immensely and I very rarely feel anger at all now. I have a low tolerance now for the discomfort caused by strong emotions but I've learned they pass remarkably quickly if I talk about it and don't act/react on the emotions.
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