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  1. Gottlob

    NFL 2021

    It will be interesting to see how Love fares for the Packers and how the Titans look with Peterson presumably seeing his fair share of the ball at running back. It looks like a lot of close games at the end of a really charged week, I guess at that time of the year when plenty of teams are just about clinging on to their playoff hopes.
  2. Gottlob


    Nothing was going to match Gaethje vs. Chandler for sheer volume or adrenaline, but I thought the two title fights were really good to watch and probably could have gone either way. I think the right decision was reached in both. I personally had Namajunas vs. Zhang pretty much even, with two rounds each and a bit of a tossup in the fourth when Zhang scored the takedown but Rose ended up on top, though most people seemed to think the second round was the sticker. Usman vs. Covington should have been easier because I think the second round was an easy 10-8, but Covington did so well to make a g
  3. Why was your mate getting you to smuggle the rum out of his own house? It's like robbing Peter to pay Paul. It doesn't make any sense.
  4. He's obviously better than what we've had, but I do worry whether his nebbish character and funny English make him a bad fit for our current squad. Like Rafa he seems detail-oriented and a hard taskmaster when it comes to what he expects from his players out on the pitch, but he lacks the same sort of gravitas, seems to rub some players up the wrong way, and could easily become a figure of fun. He'll obviously get plenty of scorn from the press after every disappointing result.
  5. Gottlob

    Climate change

    'Watch these shitty videos if you want to know the real truth about the climate.'
  6. For twenty years Manchester United were the golden goose of the Premier League and were handed all of the decisions every week, yet they still managed to cultivate a siege mentality as though they were the ones being hard done by. What sort of warped mind buys into that way of thinking? We know the answer: Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, and Cristiano Ronaldo, bullies, abusers, and rapists. You had to be mentally deficient to play and succeed under Alex Ferguson.
  7. In Sweden at least these are called 'French' hot dogs. Not haute cuisine, but the crusty exterior of the bread and the condiments sloshing about inside make for a nice mix of ingredients. They also have 'roasted onions', which are basically fried onions dried out to a crisp. It's common to get these with any type of hot dog in Sweden.
  8. The issue is around female athletes born with intersex conditions. The testosterone level in the average woman tends to fall somewhere between 0.3 and 2.4 nmol/L. Some athletes with intersex conditions have been found to possess much higher levels of testosterone, and after much back and forth, athletics decided to cap testosterone levels at 5 nmol/L for events ranging from the 400 metres to the mile. Caster Semenya is the obvious test case. She excelled at the 800 metres, so much of the focus around testosterone levels and intersex conditions has fallen on the middle-distance even
  9. I haven't started the latest season yet, but I'm a big fan of Bosch. I like the slow pace and neo-noir aesthetic with jazzy flourishes. I think it boasts a really strong cast, solid characterisation, and good location work though some of the season-long story arcs can be a bit hokey especially come the climax. It kind of gestures towards the institutional complexity of something like The Wire and the psychological interiority of The Sopranos and other antihero shows without matching them for depth, but it also seems happy to exist on its own terms, somewhere between the A-listers and the avera
  10. Gottlob


    I always rooted for Steffi Graf in the nineties, when I probably had little grasp of their personalities but preferred Graf's style and bearing out on court. Jabeur seems very personable, and given her form probably should have been a slight favourite over Muguruza today. I don't know whether it just stands out more at Wimbledon, but it seems a bit off to have Evans and Murray on Centre with Djokovic out on No. 1 Court.
  11. I think people would be more inclined to pledge if they knew they were going to get an area of jurisdiction come the day of the takeover. People would feel more involved if they could pledge their monthly pound knowing for instance that when the takeover occurs, they and a small group of their fellow trustees will have decision-making powers regarding the type of potatoes which might make the matchday chips.
  12. If they can prop him up in bed, he can be in an episode at least. Something like 'The Tylenol Brownie', though I'm sure Richard Lewis in physical therapy for two shoulder surgeries has a humorous aspect.
  13. I'm an outsider now, living in Sweden, but I wonder what really animates political life in the United Kingdom? For years politics has been dominated by Brexit, and coming out of that I think Starmer perhaps feels like there's little long-term gain in taking a strident tone around coronavirus. How does that play in the face of so many deaths, does it only serve to harden divisions and things like anti-mask and anti-lockdown sentiment, and will the failures of the government be self-evident once the dust settles? In the United States, civil rights and social justice campaigns, healthcare refo
  14. The JFK assassination and Watergate still loom large over American politics, and I think that conspiratorial bent has always been there, but with the capacity for social media to disseminate and elaborate specific conspiracy theories and the conspiratorial and mendacious nature of Trump's presidency, I think everyone is especially susceptible right now. I don't doubt that he has coronavirus, but it humanises him a bit and I think everyone's expecting shenanigans in the run-up to the election.
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