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  1. Solskjaer.... never forget, never forgive. One of the most unsportsmanlike acts ever. Rat!
  2. I would have thought Bruce was too busy with his mole problem?
  3. Fulham have left the Building (League)
  4. cough.... Ritchie.... cough.
  5. I was watching Sterling yesterday and he loses the ball as much as Miggy does. Even though he's clearly a better player and has better players around him.
  6. Agree with Willock and upgraded Hayden but I've pretty much given up on Fraser. I don't feel he want's to be here.
  7. The through ball he played on Friday v Leicester confirms for me that he needs to be a number 10 with ASM on the left with A.N. Other on the right in a 4231.
  8. Isnt Gattuso married to a Scottish lass? She might be homesick?
  9. Gave my season ticket in the East Stand up when they hiked the prices the year before Rafa left. Knew Rafa would be on his way and there was no hope. Won't be going back till Ashley sells up. I do usually get a couple of free corporate visits per season through work. But Ive turned those down in the past due to apathy.
  10. Oooooo Hebburn is a place on Earth!
  11. That should knock the stuffing out of Fulham. If they press for a goal and Chelsea should just pick them off.
  12. I hope West Ham get something out of this.
  13. PIF have their money in so much it would be hard not to find some connection to them. It's an investment fund. PIF have money in Amazon, rumoured to have been approached to broadcast the ESL. This is just mischief making again.
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