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  1. widely available coin throwing gif Coins everywhere in the end few frames, could have easily been blinded. Idiots.
  2. mattynufc


    You get some planks working in taxi firms, our local one tried to charge us £35 for a usual £15 journey. Said I would pay the usual £15 so he called police, police got there and basically told him to stop being a dick.
  3. Its a scam in itself by SoccerTriads, they send you that letter in hope you think it was always a risk of buying counterfeit and don't chase it up. [/suspicion]
  4. Remember my first match mid 90's vs Palace at SJP where my parents bought me tickets for my birthday, it was a treat and couldn't afford it often. Unfortunately it was ruined by a babbling racist ion his 50's who my Mam kindly asked to tone it down to which she got a mouthful - obviously my Dad kicked off resulting in a scuffle. Me being 8ish I was shit scared. Makes me watch my mouth (swear words only) at matches to this day. More recently, West Ham away in 07/08 season I think, outside a pub was a horrible atmosphere. Birmingham on my first visit, 2002 the 'Town full of pakis' chant got aired. Villa away when we got relegated was definitely worst I've experience with 'fans' giving racist abuse to any passer by from the buses, the bus I noticed later had a gollywog at the front, felt uncomfortable all the way home. Luckily, not much else, other then drivel of some idiot nearby making sly comments about Shola or any other black player they can remember the name of. Always find pre-match bars much worse than in the actual ground.
  5. Pint of Guinness in Union Rooms, poured it and it looks rank, sat for 5 minutes with it still trying to settle. Took it back and was told it was meant to do that, I then had to explain that it definitely didn't and even say pour another and if it happens again I'll pay for both. Luckily the second poured fine, still wouldn't have paid if it was a poor pour but would have probably been out of pocket due to some cocky knobhead.
  6. Pan Haggerty Panacalty - though I think that is more Hartlepool way
  7. A thread I opened a long while ago regarding what I have learnt to be fine North Eastern cuisine: http://www.newcastle-online.org/nufcforum/index.php/topic,64709.0.html
  8. Advice required from anyone with an ounce of diet knowledge. Trying to lose weight [have been for years, but properly now] - decided to go on Slim Fast diet, working so far lost 12lbs in 4 weeks. I guess my worry is, I am consuming little more than powder and milk for breakfast and lunch and cannot go on like this forever - how long are these diets intended for, do I just go until I reach my goal weight or is it a case of no more than 2 months?
  9. Good move for him I think, just hope he gets some game time and doesn't make a fool of himself. Joe Cole appeared to enjoy his time in France, hopefully same for Barton.
  10. Anyone tried Browns on Grey Street yet? Not tried it myself but been to the Manchester one and enjoyed it
  11. Barca win, Arsenal win and Chelsea draw - 11/1 Not too bad odds
  12. I can see it now - Nike take over naming rights and make shirts... but agree to allow SportsDirect to whack their name on our kit as sponsor.
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