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  1. You're in good form with these assist bets - guessing its mainly PP for the doubles?
  2. Neil

    David Squires

    In a word, this. Wasn't aware so many people were precious, tbf. You're going to get a load of shit for years to come, because why wouldn't you? Any team would. Embrace it. 👍
  3. Hes now dishing out cards for the exact challenges he let go in the first half. Madness.
  4. Then immediately books Pogba for that. Righto.
  5. Taylor just ignoring a series of blatant yellows.
  6. Great bet Wullie. Eric Garcia looks way too long on Sky. 13/2.
  7. Thing is its not like she wasn't a bit of a card nutter, she just directed them at England players for barely anything. Rotten luck.
  8. Hacked someone on HT, ignored. Just given a pen away with a cynical foul when arguably it was a goalscoring opportunity, nothing.
  9. How's that not a card?!
  10. If you'd told me there had been 3 cards I'd have thought I'd have had at least 1 of mine. Sancho and Stones, you joking me?
  11. Thanks Wullie. Absolutely shite that from Flash Scores saying he was playing. Swapped him for Jesus Rubio.
  12. Gone for Vales, Rebes and Vieira as a trixie. All booked last time, all generally cardy. 66/1 for the whole treble, would be lovely.
  13. The idea of Andros Townsend actually getting to Ronaldo is hilarious.
  14. Long way to go. We did struggle badly against "weaker" teams last year so it's encouraging we're winning those games, but that's the thing, we've played barely anyone so far. And arguably our toughest game, away to Villa, we delivered what can only be described as a harrowingly bad performance. Think the 13pts from 6 games does gloss over some major issues we still have which better teams will expose (e.g. we are still terribly slow starters, can look half asleep for large periods of games), but obviously can't knock it so far.
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