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  1. Totally get the general hatred because some of our fans are mongs and naturally grab the headlines (sound familiar?) but it's an utter disgrace how the club has been run for many years. This has been coming for the best part of a decade and should have happened last year but got avoided due to a few tight home wins stemming from fan backing. That won't happen this year and it's one fucking mess of a rebuild required.
  2. Neil

    Dogawful Officiating

    I must have watched a different game tbf, he missed the pretty clear penalty on Burn and subsequently gave the wrong one, and gave what I thought were a number of dubious 50/50s your way.
  3. annoyed I didnt go for the wild one but will happily take the profit.
  4. Christ well in Nate.
  5. Owe you a pint @Wullie
  6. 3/1 in already. Great shout.
  7. Cracking angle that Wullie. I've no idea why the various prices are so long - definitely a trap and I'm happy to saunter straight into it.
  8. Not that I'm excusing going out to a L1 side, but you have to factor in the unquantifiable element of the underdogs always raising their levels in these situations. It happens so often, so to all intents and purposes it felt like you were more playing a high flying Champ side. I mean some of your lot were still fucking dreadful like. but just helps to expediate their exits, you'd hope.
  9. Don't think you played particularly terribly, certainly not one where I think you can say the attitude was particularly por. It just demonstrates, as everyone presumably knew already, your second string are not good enough, as is the case with most second strings. Another day you go through 3-1 easily. Just one of those things, I wouldn't put it down as a shocker or anything.
  10. Neil

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas you absolute miscreants. Football is cancelled the rest of the season I heard, thank you Santa.
  11. This is absolutely the next step in the rhetoric. "Mayhem caused by the strikes", on repeat, for months and months. Exact same style as them claiming not being able to do anything about the previous 12 years of "chaos". And it'll work because people are brain dead. Cunts, every single one of them.
  12. Neil

    Daft questions

    Who's he trying to impress? What a pathetic turd. Knock him out IMO, and if you all work remote and haven't met in person before, send him an email ending simply "Regards" to leave him in no doubt as to who the real boss is around here.
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