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  1. Most of this will likely have already been said so I'm lazily just copying what I messaged a few people earlier, but my 2 pennies: I feel this is another example of the tribalism in the country and how people are more bothered about sticking to a rigid opinion instead of being bothered by actual evidence. It's "Southgate is shit" vs "hes mint, ignore the flaws" which is a fucking preposterous mentality to have. We've made huge progress this tournament, shown a lot more composure than we have for decades. We are in a great position for the next few tournament
  2. Can't name a single player who played well tonight, Pickford maybe? But Southgate, christ. Utterly insipid. Reminded me of the dark days of 0-0 v Algeria. Appalling.
  3. Apparently so. We're way too short today. Though I was convinced Turkey 11/2 DNB was a great price, so, yknow.
  4. Why are Turkey 11/2 DNB later?
  5. Neil

    Cricket 2.0

    Whats the point in any form of learning when you're going to get punished regardless? Wheres the motivation to better yourself when a band of virgins will go sprawling through every nook and cranny of everything you've ever said? Fucking toxic country at the moment, becoming more like Black Mirror by the day.
  6. Pawsons done us up here like
  7. Followed you in Wullie. Torres goal/Semedo card 38/1
  8. I feel like you've tried to wind up here but got it terribly wrong but are too tired to do anything about it. Sort of respect it tbh.
  9. Such entitlement in the studio from their former players too. Clearly thought they'd win comfortably and said as much. Now I'm sure they didn't actually care about it that much after all.
  10. They were shite but had a proper manager in charge with a definitive plan.
  11. I'm sure it's already been said but DDG will be a fine scapegoat there when OGS completely and utterly lost them that game. Appalling managerial performance against a poor team. Pleased for Villarreal obviously.
  12. Early card shouts for tomorrow. Kouyate, away to Liverpool, 4 in 7 - 9/1 Ake, we all know about his ratio, unreal he didnt get booked vs you - 9/1 Both are 365 best price so can cash out full stake if not starting. 100/1 double is far too long to resist.
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