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  1. Met him down the Quayside once with his family and some friends Canny bloke, nice enough to stop for a photo. I wish him well.
  2. Amir_9

    Matt Targett

    Dependable solid squad member with the right attitude Was worried we wouldn't get him permanently. A good start to the summer.
  3. Amir_9

    Matt Targett

    Sensible and solid signing for a great price Glad this one went through.
  4. Marcelo pulling a Terry Full kit wanker
  5. Owen, the bin dippers still won't like you, you fucking rat. Pipe down with that shite.
  6. Blow it out your ass boys
  7. Does anyone ever care or remember these pre-final singing and dancing performances lol
  8. Ticketless Liverpool fans eh They'll never walk alone.
  9. This one got me down. One of my biggest musical influences
  10. Amir_9

    Big Dan Burn

    He's great but didn't have good games against Spurs and Man City away which leads me to think he'll do for the next step of our progress but maybe not a starter for the one after.
  11. Simon is bang on there. So what else do you do after costing £100m, getting a league medal after a season of practically nothing special or no considerable contributions... Oh that's right, attack another team's player. People blaming the drink, I think booze just brings out the idiot prick that was already inside. Otherwise, how many times do you see other players celebrating in the past getting drunk and verbally attacking a player from a non-rival team to the public?
  12. What a weird and random dig, pissed or not. not even a rival player ffs lol. Wonder if at any point they went head to head with each other during some game or something.
  13. Remember this line from a bacontits presser? 'The fella from Bournemouth' who 'got a team relegated'. Ten times the manager you'll ever be you prick.
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