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  1. Was at Sox/Yankees last night. Definitely pretty fun watching Boston fans slowly lose their minds. Some terrible umping really sealed it too
  2. The worst part is how we find new ways to lose. I could handle being pathetic, I'm used to it, but christ
  3. Second time the Lions have lost a game from a record-setting field goal
  4. Ameritoon

    The Job Thread

    Yeah, I was thinking about that. I've seen it done before at my current job so it happens. Don't really think it would come back to haunt me either, my job is done across pretty much every industry. Yeah, it's dumb. It's an SF-based tech company with a lot of VC, so definitely can go overboard. Benefits and pay are too good to pass up though. One is literally just to see if I'm a good WFH fit
  5. Ameritoon

    The Job Thread

    Interviewing at three places right now. 2/3 interviews into two of them, which seem like decent companies but not exactly the role I want. 2/6 interviews into another, which is fully remote, pays better, offers better benefits, and seems like the best fit for me in terms of work. Thinking I'm going to slow walk the first two places when scheduling the final interviews. Has anyone here taken days to respond to an offer? Feels weird to reject a $15k raise when I might not get this other job, but not sure how many days is appropriate to consider an offer.
  6. Bet on the DJ Moore over to make it interesting but that might be done by halftime
  7. Got to see Phoebe Bridgers headline P4k, another really good set
  8. A friend was at one of those Frank Turner shows, sounded like a great post-lockdown concert. Besides Pitchfork Fest I saw Japanese Breakfast last week, really great show with a perfect setlist. Have Indigo De Souza, LaLa LaLa, Lucy Dacus, and Bad Bad Hats lined up over the next two months. Good to be back
  9. Oh yeah, his is annoying too. I've definitely had to watch both one video at a time because it becomes too grating after several videos.
  10. There were a few Brits I've spoken to who had never be to the US or only been to New York and just assumed we had better trains that the UK. They'd be shocked if they took an Amtrak outside of the Northeast Corridor. Would also recommend Wendover Productions, not just about urban planning/design but a lot of transportation videos. Just have to get over his annoying vocal cadence
  11. If Goff didn't fumble twice he probably had it
  12. Haven't missed refs at Lambeau
  13. Hock is so good. Maybe we won't waste his career
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