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  1. Ameritoon

    U.S. Politics

    Really good legacy
  2. Ameritoon

    NFL 2022

    Bring back the wild card games
  3. He had some nice runs with us, including under both Rafa and Eddie. But I love how ruthless we're being with players without a future here. Just need a replacement.
  4. I liked this then realized I don't know what it means. Either way, would.
  5. Ameritoon

    Copa America

    Excited for this. Going to try for a EURO/Copa America double dip that summer.
  6. Nothing to do now but hope Howe can help him see his potential. Would've never thought about us signing him, let alone for that price. But there's obviously something there people way smarter than me see.
  7. Just landed in Florida and about get get day drunk watching us in my first ever Newcastle semi final
  8. Really didn't see this one coming, but hopefully Eddie can get the best of him.
  9. Ameritoon

    NFL 2022

    Two good teams in a snowy playoff game. Fuck yes.
  10. Zaniolo's been great in FM for me. His demeanor is always angry too, which amuses me.
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