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  1. Decent hit, but fuck shooting that from there right now
  2. Wait what? He's one of my favorite commentators. Perhaps nostalgia from his days doing CL ESPN.
  3. That was nice. Want Denmark to win but couldn't help wanting that to go in
  4. How many from the Milan team have gone into management and actually succeeded? Off the top of my head: Shevchenko - only managed Ukraine but seems decent enough Gattuso - is a chaos agent and seemingly at a new club every season Inzaghi - managing in Serie B Seedorf - never lasted more than a year Nesta - only managed small clubs Stam - New club every season, in MLS Any others?
  5. Right, it kind of feel like it's been that way all tournament? Maybe he's using Ashley's chopper
  6. Clattenburg: "It doesn't change me opinion" love it so much
  7. Shame. Would hate to see Everton do well but also would love for him to prove the media and their supporters wrong.
  8. If he hadn't scored with his head I'd be more annoyed. Fair enough decision.
  9. Wonder what the map for BOTW2 is going to be like. Seems like a lot of raised islands could make for some room under ground and they could go all out on a three-layered map.
  10. Wonder when the last time we had three players play in a major international tournament in one day?
  11. Ameritoon


    Yeah, not the dominant strain yet but can't be far off
  12. Ameritoon


    Everywhere had some restrictions up until a few months ago when a few red states opened up fully. Even then, plenty of private business continued with mask restrictions so everyone was living under some pandemic rules. Just some more than others. In general though, even the most liberal cities/states never had laws like not being able to meet in a friend's garden or a ban on casual sex like the UK did Not sure if the last part is actually true but saw a tweet about it so it must be.
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