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  1. Davey provan I think is the fella that does the sky Co commentary
  2. That's probably why didn't look as shaky and getting caught over the back once he departed.
  3. Well done lads not pretty but gave everything.
  4. Lascelles keeps dropping off his back four by about a couple of meters playing rafinha et Al onside
  5. andycap

    Chris Wood

    Seems to be the problem with these wingers they seem to cut inside by default and shoot. Not like a Keith Gillespie type that would whip in constant balls for the striker to attack.
  6. andycap

    Chris Wood

    Isn't it the job of the wingers to find him with passes? And get him involved in build up play,which I saw nothing at all from frazer and maxi all game. Totally isolated him I think.
  7. I just hope frazer and maxi actually try and find wood with some decent balls, instead of coming inside all the time.
  8. andycap

    Chris Wood

    No 😂 it was berahino
  9. andycap

    Chris Wood

    Wasn't that us with that bid for that wba striker? Cannot remember his name now like 😂
  10. I mean until end of season to step in for Wilson. Seems to be very mobile and a good finisher
  11. Would anyone test the, water for pukki at Norwich? Canny player
  12. On the cook transfer I'm all for it as long as Clark doesn't get another game for us.
  13. Steve Cook not a centre half?
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