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  1. Think some are letting their strange dislike of Rafa cloud their judgement here
  2. Loving all this positivity We really need to get out of this nothing ever goes right for Newcastle mindset. That was the past..
  3. Absolutely. We were no longer a sporting entity, just part of Sports Direct existing purely to serve the needs of SD
  4. It was the whole reason he bought the club tbh The advertising
  5. He just wants a club to compete and try to be the best they can. Just like we fans do. What’s wrong with that? Can’t see that he would have had any problems with the owners here.
  6. Please be real. Please be real.
  7. Eh? I really don’t get the dislike for Rafa after what he did for our club in the midst of 14 or so years of abject misery. Unreal.
  8. His politics? Eh? Seeing off a bad DoF who doesn’t support him is bad now?
  9. LV

    Transfer rumours

    ‘Botman is regarded among the most promising talents in his position and it may be indicative of Newcastle’s ambition under their new owners that they are exploring the possibility of signing him’ The article reckons £40 million price tag. Dutch under 21.
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