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  1. I bet that cunt is somehow getting some money from this sale
  2. LV

    Christian Atsu

    It’s def true in Bulgaria. If that helps in any way.
  3. LV

    Eddie Howe

    That has to be a pisstake. It can’t seriously be someone’s idea of a good flag, it just can’t.
  4. Woof! Come on man, you need to put those Geordie language skills to good use.
  5. Probably for a knock down price
  6. I was never a fan but I thought he was great against us on Saturday.
  7. LV

    Allan Saint-Maximin

    Yep this is what I’ve seen too. He just doesn’t do what he used to do at all in terms of taking players on and going on mazy runs. Not anywhere near as much anyway. And when he does try to pass he doesn’t seem very good at it. I used to love Maxi but feel that he has dropped off a bit and is maybe carrying a bit of extra timber. I dunno, maybe he needs to grow his hair back the way it was or something/.
  8. Depends who’s shooting I guess
  9. Teams around us will get shit results at times too. Look at Arsenal yesterday. At least we didn’t lose and have only lost one all season.
  10. There’s such negativity from some. I’m still expecting we’ll win it second half and their goal felt like it was against the run of play to me. It’s a shame we’re missing Isak and Bruno mind.
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