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  1. LV

    Ciaran Clark

    Quite surprised. He’s always seemed like a decent bloke to me, despite his shortcomings as a player.
  2. Think because Brazilian Portuguese is different. Bit like French Canadian is different to French and Mexican is different to Spanish
  3. Apparently that’s the Portuguese Portuguese way of saying Fernandes according to Flip. They say it differently in Brazil
  4. We’re gonna need to put Flip’s pronunciation in the title for this guy Its something like Gee-mar-arngs
  5. He won’t because there are words of more than one syllable in there and at least two sentences.
  6. Lyon would have to announce it to the stock market first wouldn’t they?
  7. LV

    Diego Carlos

    Yep and another reason it’s difficult for us to buy in this window. We don’t have any prior relationships built up between our new owners and these clubs. Some players are scouted and discussed with other clubs over a few windows before an actual deal is made.
  8. LV

    Plane spotting

    Russia / Ukraine stuff
  9. LV

    Diego Carlos

    Also Monchi states we made the first offer a month ago. Shows our lot were actively trying to sort multiple deals before the window opened. Also shows why January is a tricky window to convince clubs to release their players in because they need to find replacements themselves.
  10. Your missing out on some seriously hot takes I wish I had your self discipline not to read all the threads
  11. Thanks Flip Out of interest how is Fernandes pronounced in Brazilian Portuguese?
  12. On Fifa Bruno Fernandes is pronounced something like ‘Fernansh’ so I think the S at the end of his name will have more of a Shhh sound
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