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  1. Hi all, an international fan here. I know this is probably a long shot as tickets for our matches in London are in high demand. If anybody could help me get a ticket for the away section against Chelsea in early December, I would be forever grateful.
  2. Mags Serbia: You are right! I feel very old when football talents nowadays are kids born deep into the 90's
  3. What Fenham surely meant to say is that Maric and Mitrovic were both born in Yugoslavia. It was the same country when they were born.
  4. Cant believe this. Was stoked about seeing him get his NT debut today
  5. Abeid likely to start for Algeria today. A bit surprising as he has never played for the NT before, atlhough they are already qualified for the ACNs so I guess the manager wants to try him out.
  6. Yes, but he has not been a part of the national team. Maybe he will after these performances, though. He is in the pre-squad for the matches against Ethiopia and Mali later this month.
  7. WTF, are you serious? Algeria played well in the first match and lost only to a nonexistant penalty in the 86th minute or so. The return leg was bad with two nervy teams. If I remember it correctly the first and only Burkina Faso chance was created in over time. Stats from the second match: 58 - 42 % possession for Algeria, and 11-2 in shots. I was unable to find stats for the first leg, but it was a narrow game where a draw would be fair. Gotta love it when people come up with blatant opinions after not seeing the matches they comment on.
  8. Dino

    Steven Taylor

    Does anyone know what the f actually happened? Aguero went to Taylor and claimed it was hand ball. Taylor seemed to admit it and pointed to his arm. All good. Then 10 seconds later the ref shows Taylor the red card. Did Aguero tell Taylor something? Not that it defends Steven's action, but at least it would give a little explanation to why he lost his head. It's frightening to see how many of our "professional" first-team players that lose their heads. The whole back line with Debuchy, Colo and Taylor have all shown that they are not to be trusted mentally. Tiote is a monster and should ha
  9. Any news on when the home shirt will be available for sale?
  10. 1. Mbiwa (which means Willo out) 2. Debuchy (which means Simpson out) 3. Sissoko 4. Gouffran 5. Haidara (had never heard of him before)
  11. Dino

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    Stunning performance today. Definitely the most talented player we've had since I started to follow the club in 1995.
  12. Dino

    NUFC Kits

    August 1st or 4th??
  13. Dino

    NUFC Kits

    Does anyone know when they will start selling the new kit?
  14. And there is probably a reason why he has been on loan for the majority of the past 2 seasons, while we have had an average right back playing almost every single game for us. It's good that he has been impressive for other clubs, but remember that this wasn't even on a Championship level. I hope the club knows what it is doing and that I am wrong. I just don't understand all the happyness and relief about this 3-year deal.
  15. Not convinced. He's going to turn 21 in October and hasn't really done anything on the first team. I dont think he will ever be good enough for a Europa chasing side like Newcastle should be.
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