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  1. Haven't read the thread much lately, so presume this has already been covered; https://www.sussexlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/brighton-solly-march-future-newcastle-8042123 Was in their press a few days ago, 18 months left and fits the 'Gordon-esque' criteria in terms of workrate off the ball I guess? I've seen him live quite a few times and he'd be nowhere near my list of targets even allowing for the fact he's having the season of his life under De Zerbi.
  2. I'm 100% relaxed about it. They've literally not put a foot wrong since they took over the club. The very least they deserve is some patience and belief. The entire reason we are where we are is because of the new owners, they appointed the manager, funded the extra coaching staff etc and bought the players. I've got entire faith in them until they demonstrate otherwise.
  3. Really hope they don't get top 4 this season...
  4. Sounds a bit similar to Joe Willock before he moved up tbf. I think, ultimately, it's about his career and whether he can buy into the project and then weigh that up against what he's seeing at Chelsea. The way that ownership is acting, he'll be lucky to make their bench next season. The writing is on the wall imho. He's got to move but, as you say, I'm sure if he wanted to stay in London he'd get a move back to somewhere like Palace tomorrow. Incidentally, Palace and us showed an interest in signing RLC permanently during the Ashley era. Surprise, surprise we couldn't/wouldn't pay his wages...
  5. I've always had a feeling we'd end up with RLC. Be an interesting project for Howe and the coaches in turning him around. Gallagher is a yes from me. Think he'd work well in Howe's system from the off. We also need someone (Neves, Gallagher, Tielemans etc) 'PL ready' given Bruno is likely out for a while and we're so light in the middle.
  6. Surely our most irreplacable player in terms of him getting an injury/suspension?
  7. Shame he didn't do it about 5 years ago tbh.
  8. Minhosa


    Do you back Mowbray to get you there at some point?
  9. Minhosa


    @TeddySAFC, Genuine question, what do you think the owners longer term intentions are?
  10. Santos just joined Chelsea for £11m/£12m rising to £18m depending on various clauses. Fresneda is being talked about at £12m too.
  11. Given the performance of the wider squad last night, I don't think it would be the worst idea to invest in say 4-5 young prospects from South America etc and look to develop them with game time in the cups. I think I'd prefer to buy 5 youngsters with huge potential than one Tielemens (over ready PL player) tbh in terms of what it would bring to the overall squad strength.
  12. Emery is a great gaffer for him imho...
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