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  1. Agreed - if we go, he goes imho.
  2. I guess it's fine but, fuck me, enjoy some positivity for once man . We'll have years to ponder over the things that go wrong, the things they get wrong and whether they're any good as owners. For now, give them their heads and embrace having owners that appear to care.
  3. I certainly share that concern. I think, if the PL were honest, they'd prefer us out of it for a year to bring in all sorts of new rules limiting our potential should we come straight back up.
  4. I'm not sure folks will be delighted with the idea of relegation but I'd hope it's a small pothole on a long journey. I think it depends upon the context of the legitimacy tbh. In fact, this whole argument is probably a context thing and very much about your starting point regarding the new ownership...I think they deserve patience and gratitude. To be critical of them already when they are clearly well intentioned feels incredibly harsh/demanding to me. As for the transfer market struggles......yes perhaps but I think theres context required there too; 1) W
  5. Really interesting. I've not seen/heard many people going into bat for Kepa so good to see an alternative view. I've probably not seen enough of him to offer much of a useful opinion but from the small bits I've seen, my immediate thought was that he was perhaps a little lightweight for PL football... Henderson I really like.
  6. You really rate him @ManDoon? Over say Dean Henderson?
  7. Is it really reasonable to moan about 'only 2 signings so far'? Compare that to what we've been used to and who we're currently in talks with after signing Trippier... A bit like driving a Y reg fiesta for 14 years and then moaning about your Ferrari's self parking function taking 2.6 seconds too long to reverse park imho.
  8. They've talked all along about this being a 'long term' project, they've also said it came relatively out of the blue in the end and we know they've got the need to engage Saudi with their key appointments plus they've never done this before so you'd imagine they'll be nervous of getting this call wrong. Its 90% likely they'll be after the best of the bunch and that means this person will be in a role already. So you've got to get their agreement to discuss the gig, engage their current employer and then put them through the recruitment process. On top of this, they're
  9. I'm not sure it is just Twitter tbh. Even on here there's a tone which seems quite 'demanding' regarding certain subjects (DOF, incoming transfers etc). I think it's really clear the new owners are working their bollocks off. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.
  10. It's just the best feeling ever man. Honestly, the week it was announced, I drove from the South East back home and spent a fortune with my sons in the club shop knowing it wasn't going to Ashley. I've not let them have jerseys or any NUFC gear since Rafa left. I've felt bloody terrible for years for effectively giving them no option but to be NUFC fans but, now, right now we can be proud again and that means far more to me than having 6 new faces through the door or a DOF/CEO appointed. I firmly believe the new owners are trying. Making mistakes
  11. Honestly, my overriding emotion/feeling is one of HUGE gratitude. Like I genuinely don't know when this feeling of gratitude will wear off because all I can think of how lucky we are not to have Ashley anymore. I HATED my football club for years. I railed against my own team under Pardew, Bruce and many others. I believe happiness comes from gratitude and I'm absolutely bouncing to be free of Ashley and to have, what appears at this stage, genuine owners with good intentions. Surely, this was what we all dreamed of? It's wayyyyy too e
  12. Was it? Genuine question btw. If I'm honest, I didn't foresee the unreasonable expectations at all. At least, not this soon. Did these people think we'd just turn into prime Man City within a fortnight? I'll tell you what doesn't help at all, this 'Richest Club in the Woooorrrld' narrative. We might have wealthy owners but nobody knows their full intentions and nobody knows their end game so I really think it gives an awful impression and starting point for the likes of PCP to do business from. I'd be trying to correct that narrative if I was the
  13. Have to say the tone of some of our fanbase since this takeover has been a little bit entitled or perhaps ungrateful which is really disappointing. Have they magically forgotten the last 14 years as if they didn't happen? I'm still bouncing around on cloud nine tbh. The change in communication, the positive noises coming from the club, the togetherness and the very fact that they are already 'trying' is more than we've ever had under Ashley. If relegation comes then so be it. I'd still intend on making the most of the season to rebuild, enjoy see
  14. Minhosa


    Wait til you get on the flight and half the cunts claim they are ‘medically exempt’.
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