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  1. Imagine trying that ffs What a player.
  2. Know absolutely nothing about him, but I'm fairly confident he'll get a new manager bounce win against us now
  3. I really hope he's able to come back, and perform at this level. Fingers crossed for him.
  4. SiLvOR

    Paul Dummett

    Another likeable lad who isn't good enough for where we want to be. My overriding memory of him is whenever he played LB he would always just hoof it down the line and we'd lose possession. Loves a slide tackle though so gets Passion Points. Edit- I realise I'm talking like he's gone already but as I didn't watch much football in the last few years, that's what I mean by "memory".
  5. Pickford always crumbles against us, it's fucking beautiful. Dragging these moany bastards into a relegation fight would be great. However, difficult to say just how the game will go until we conclude our transfer business.
  6. We should have got him in. He's just so fucking good. It still hurts seeing him anywhere else. No, I'm not insane.
  7. Right, confession time. Told the Mrs I'm not watching this today, as I believe it's my fault we've been losing and/or drawing. She told me that was a load of bollocks. Who's laughing now. Not me because I'll never watch another game this season, I'll take the sacrifice
  8. There isn't much we can do with our awful squad, so it's just good to not see Ritchie at LB tbh. If Willock decides today is the day to start the season, that would be great.
  9. Need some Ando positivity in here, fucking desperate for some good news
  10. We're gonna get absolutely run over in the middle. Rahpina will have a field day against our LB. Can't wait.
  11. Yeah that's the one, seem to remember Duff doing his usual anger fuelled world beating performance against us. Never got why he used to be so mad at us, like fuck, you were so insignificant and shit
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