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  1. Declan Rice dropping a genuine 1/10 performance here.
  2. Rice has been really poor. Would put Grealish on for him and drop Phillips to DM. Kane absolutely embarrassing.
  3. When do you propose this might happen, like? Labour will be completely irrelevant by the time the next GE is called at this rate.
  4. Lib Dems have proven there that the “vaccine bounce” isn’t infallible. If Labour lose Batley & Spen it needs to be the end for Starmer.
  5. Italy look pretty good but they’ve not played anyone decent for (literally) years. The Netherlands are the best team they’ve played since 2018, and they’re not exactly great. I’ve a feeling they’ll get taken apart by someone like France or a more possession-hungry side like Spain.
  6. Oh my god . They are just terrible at politics.
  7. Switzerland’s back three is pretty unorthodox to watch. Schar is central but by far the most aggressive/advanced of the three.
  8. Aye, I think Keane would be sound tbh.
  9. Thankfully most people in the stadium appeared to be favourable towards Marxism. There is hope for us yet!
  10. It was exactly the sort of performance England have been incapable of for ages tbh. I was impressed (surprised) with how well drilled we were. Only criticisms would be that a) Foden was wasted being so rigidly stuck out wide right. No coincidence that we scored shortly after he decided to be a bit more flexible and b) Harry Kane was really poor and didn't look fit/interested. He was sluggish all game and even when he had his chance to score he was so slow to get to the ball.
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