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  1. Yeah, there’s a child trailer we’re the UK importer for. They were doing some kind of top 10 family cycling products list or something. I didn’t get far enough into the conversation to find out more
  2. I had someone from the mail call today asking if we wanted to advertise in their paper (they were doing a top 10 list which our product is relevant to). Few things more satisfying than telling them to get fucked.
  3. Could be a back four with Hayden in midfield? I know, I know…
  4. Clive Lewis is absolutely the guy, but he’s black so it’s never going to happen for him.
  5. We implemented a “diverted profits tax” in 2015 which is exactly what you describe but it sounds like we don’t really get anything from it. Generates £300m-400m p/a. e: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_tax
  6. Am I the only one who though we played pretty well? One mistake from Walker and a shite clearance from Mount away from another very solid win and performance.
  7. Btw are we going to be one of those teams where opposition think the best way to beat us is kick us off the park now? Seems to be every team we come up against us trying to bully us.
  8. Rice/Phillips combination is getting better and better.
  9. Or, you know… Foden, Rashford and Sancho are injured.
  10. Can’t see this ending 11 v 11
  11. Been some decent play into the midfield/forwards but then poor decision making at the end. Think we’ll get it right eventually.
  12. He is very good when he plays this aggressively.
  13. He did assist the first goal the other night tbf
  14. These proposals are to raise £5bn, right? Currently NI is 12% on earnings between £797 and £4189 per month, then 2% on anything above that. If they kept it at 12%, so lower incomes weren’t paying any extra, but removed the upper cap and had a flat 12% on all earnings they would raise… £14bn. The proposals have nowt to do with economics. It’s just punishing the poor for their desire for free healthcare.
  15. Capital gains tax is insanely low in this country.
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