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  1. Could’ve killed him
  2. How the fuck have they not pulled that back and sent him off . You can’t let people stamp on faces ffs
  3. I think Arsenal are set up pretty well but when they win the ball back they’re so slow. Dunno if it’s deliberate but they never counter.
  4. Smal


    aww, I miss @Oakie Doke
  5. Get in! Removing fat bad business man’s signs and salivating at the prospect of replacing them with a murderous regime’s signs instead! We’ve got our club back 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦
  6. Voted 10. Don't really fancy us to pick up any points in the rest of December which would leave us on 10 points after 20 games played. Watford have some decent fixtures where they can pick up some points.
  7. Sam Kerr's 2nd goal in the women's cup final is absolutely brilliant.
  8. Think his position in yesterday’s system would be that kind of half space left of midfield slot that Willock was playing in, where he would be doing the bulk of ASM’s defensive work but would also be able to link up with him on the counter and provide overlaps. No point in playing him on the right imo. He has no right foot and he’s not a good enough dribbler make up for it.
  9. Smal

    Fabian Schär

    That’s really weird lads.
  10. Bernardo absolutely taking the piss.
  11. This city team is unreal, like. The ability to retain the ball and completely negate any press is amazing.
  12. it amazes me that Burnley never get relegated
  13. ASM looks a bit sharper to me today. Glad we seem to have worked out a way for him to not do any defensive work at all
  14. We're stood off them so much, man. Absolutely ridiculous.
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